Pun of the day:
The hunkies and hotties gorge us to death!

How often do you get to meet 25 gorgeous hunks and 25 24 gorgeous girls?



Plus celebrities…

And guess who was there?


Someone who is self-professed gorgeous.



Davina was overjoyed when she saw him.

This dude i tell you, dunno what’s with his handphone luck. He went on stage and played some games where the first who collects all five items (a handphone strap, a water bottle, a white watch, a condom and a something-else) gets a prize. And he freaking won it.

Dunno where he got the condom from! O_o


More gorgeous people…

Michelle, Veronica, Carmen, Mable and Elena.

Zouk was having free flow of extra kao Bailey’s that day. Warao damn shiok. Mable said she needed just that to calm the butterflies in her stomach cuz she heard that there was gonna be Q&A on stage.
All (ok, part of all) the gorgeous people in alphebetical order:

Adrian drank so much he was tipsy before he went on stage.

Felipe Heck.

Heck, is his name cute. I think he’s cute too… ^_^

Jasvinder and Justin, the Most Gorgeous of the night.

Zanita is one of the most gorgeous in my eyes. Her picture in Female mag reminded me of Kristin Kreuk (yea, THAT beautiful).
And she’s a mom now! Although she has put on 10kg, she still looks stunning!

Look who i met outside Zouk!

And it was Amrit’s birthday that day! 😀

Happy Birthday Muah Muah.

More updates on Wardrobe soon. Stay cheesed!