Pun of the day:
The best way to communicate with a fish is to drop them a line.


The best way to communicate with a mutated bunny is to, what else but drop her some cheese!

Oh yea. I have removed “Cheese-a-Cheese” Holler because it’s giving me lotsa problems. In replacement, I’ve created this page where you can:


1. Leave your droppings.

A lot of Cheeserland visitors drop by like sliding ghosts. You can’t see them but they leave foot prints on the counter. If you haven’t commented before, cheese a word or two to say hi, (i wanna know how it feels to be greeted by ghosts!!!666), and let me know what kinda color and shape and texture are the droppings that a ghost leaves!


2. Give me some cheeseback
Tell me why you are here now and why you love/hate cheeserland.com. Do let me know if there’s anycheese i can make it cheesier too. =]


3. Ask me questions.
Best for those who are feeling curious/anal/itchy. Of course i will answer your questions. If i feel like it la.


4. Post random crap.
Wanna say something but feel that it’s totally irrelevant to the post? Shout there! Lazy to log into your gmail and click “compose”? Pleasecheeseme there. From off topic chatters to silly cheesiness to bodacious confessions… Something along the line like “Cheesie, today i woke up with a butt-ache, ate two Roti Pisang without pisang and drank Milo Ais tak mau ais and i love your blog.”



So cheese me.