Pun of the day:
Here’s a smonkey.


I remember mom once told me about this monkey who smokes. Mom wanted me to go together with her to this little orchard somewhere in Seremban and see this unusual creature so that i can blog about it.

But i’ve been very very busy lately to the point that I could hardly even find time to go back Seremban to visit her. Even if i do see her, i can merely spend a few hours, let alone to see some stupid monkeys who can’t spell “bad breath” and “lung cancer”.


Anyway, I received an email yesterday. It has an attachment that contains the following pictures.

The moment i saw these pictures, i teared.


Not that i feel bad for the monkey who’s likely to die of lung cancer la. But.


Mom knows that i haven’t been updating Cheeserland as regularly as before. She went all the way to this place on purpose and took those pictures so that I could blog about it. So that you cheeserlanders wouldn’t get bored seeing no updates for so long. She doesn’t even know how to open an email and click “compose”. She took the trouble of getting someone to send the pictures over to me.


How can i not be emo. T_T


Mom, I’m very sorry i haven’t had time to sit down and talk to you properly for a loooooooong time. I just want you to know that i’m taking very good care of myself now. I have proper meals everyday. I eat veggies (I order my fav choy dam everytime 😀 ) and drink lotsa water everyday as you told me to. Sometimes I stack my laundry waaay to high but i still clean them at the end of the day week la.


And I’m happy.


Today is Winter Solstice (冬至), supposedly a family reunion day but i can’t be home. 🙁
I’ll eat cheese tang yuan on your behalf and Happy Dong Zhi to you mommy.