Pun of the day:
A boy asked his mum whether he could eat sweets yet. She replied “can-dy”


Sze Kerng just recently visited Tokyo and here’s what he brought back, prepare yourself for a feast of JapaCandy.

So sweet of him to bring back all the candies and choccie for his friends!

Meiji Appolo–Assorted Strawberry Flav

Fran Extra Strawberry Sticks

Tokyo Tower–Strawberry Chou


Awhile ago i blogged about the limited edition KitKat from Singapore.

All KitKat lovers went crazy.

If you see what they have in Tokyo, you will faint on the spot. So prepare yourself for a KitKat extravaganza!!

KitKat Hokkaido–Red Bean

Kitkat Bitter Cocoa

KitKat Ujimacha Miruku

It looks like Cendol KitKat! 😀
It’s actually green tea milk with red bean cream.

KitKat Chestnut

KitKat Nameraka Strawberry

KitKat Greentea

Kitkat Macha & Kinako

KitKat Strawberry & Nuts

KitKat Exotic Tokyo

KitKat White–Highland Milk


JapaCandy coming to an end, here it is, the last one……
And it is..my fav fav fav fav MELTY KISS!


Apart from candies and chocolate, Sze Kerng also helped me to buy my dream outfit!

The Minnie hat from Tokyo Disneyland. 😀 😀 😀

And he finished using all the $ i gave him on this single piece of Jacket!!!666

But guess what? It’s from Metamorphose! Any lolita fan will know this is like the Gucci of the Goli kingdom. 😀 😀 😀

So happy! 😀