This time die die i also dun care liao!

I WANT A DOG!!!666



At least that’s what i thought after coming back from Malaysia K9 Day 2007.

Visiting the park made me feel like a sad, childless mother who has problems conceiving. Imagine looking at innocent lovely kids running around the park, giggling at their mothers who chase after them, and you look like some jealous deranged woman who will run over at any moment and snatch a child.

I also want one!!!

It felt weird to go there without a doggie. So i decided to grab something most canine-like and wear it on myself.

Really got dogs with fur liddis one you know!


Like some nice carpet pattern!

Oh, i found someone as doggielusioned as i am.

For those who have missed the event, these are some of the doggies you would have seen.


Most Fashionable

Hula Hula

Dogward Graduate

King Henry

BayWatch Babe.

Less is more, they believe.


Most Elegant

Blue eye baby

She’s so elegant and classy and… sacred she reminded me of Santa Maria.


Most Tongue-Showing

Small animals with tongue stuck-out are extra cute.

Contestant 1

Contestant 2

Contestant 3

Contestant 4

Contestant 5

Contestant 6

She also has blue eyes like the Siberian Husky!

Contestant 7

Contestant 8

Contestant…… Oi, why so tongue-tied la you?

Who do you think is the cutest?

Oh yea, and the coolest dog ever…

Cheez i want a dog i want a dog i want a dog i want a dog i want a dog. A small fluffy dog, preferably a Maltese. Anyone of you have a pregnant Maltese who’s gonna give birth? I’d very much like to buy it from you! And i promise i’ll be a very good mom to Cheddie (yea, already thought of a name for him/her).