Three months after the first one.

Cheesie sits down comfortably on her couch going through her sms’es. Her phone rings.

Weirdo: Hello, may i speak to Ringo please?
Cheesie: Yes speaking. Who’s this?
Weirdo: Erm… You know… erm… How do i say this.. Actually you don’t know me, but i’m a big fan of yours.
Cheesie: O…kay. You got my number from?
Weirdo: Can i tell you that in a bit because i don’t wanna scare you.
Cheesie: O…kay. And your name is?
Weirdo: My name is James… i know it’s a silly name, not as cool as yours but… I’m just wondering, uhm, are you seeing anyone?
Cheesie: *WTFish* Why?
Weirdo: Err…. This is gonna sound really weird, I know where you work, I’ve been around a few times, have seen you around, but never got the guts to say hello to you.
Cheesie: null You know my work place?!
Weirdo: Yea! I erm.. i go there and hide.
Cheesie: WHAT?!666
Weirdo: I.. I.. I.. I see you i just watch you from far…
Cheesie: *kancheong* Erm… Wait… How do you know i work there?
Weirdo: Like i say, i’ve got erm, contacts.
Cheesie: *Double WTFish* Look James. If you wanna be friends, you’ll have to be frank, right?
Weirdo: Okay i’ll be very frank with you. I hire private investigators to find out exactly…
Cheesie: Interesting.
Weirdo: I’ve got pictures of you. He goes around and take pictures of you, following you around, that’s how i got to know so much about you.
Cheesie: *-_-|||*
Weirdo: So, you don’t want me to beat around the bush, let me be frank. Are you going out with anyone?
Cheesie: *Super WTFish*
Weirdo: If you’re not, I’m just wondering, would you be interested in marriage?
Cheesie: MARRIAGE? I’m only twenty two and c’mon. Of course i would but…
Weirdo: I KNEW IT! I could see it from the way you blog, and… and… i could feeeeeeel the connection between us… gosh i’m so nervous my palms are sweating now. So… is that a yes?
Cheesie:: IS THAT A PROPOSAL?!?666
Weirdo: Hmmm… Kinda… I know i’m not good at this…
Cheesie: *major dash underscore dashy* You PROPOSE to someone you have never met before?
Weirdo: I’m on my knees, if that counts.
Cheesie: NO. I need to see flowers and, maybe like a ring, you know?!?
Weirdo: Since you’re good at the net, how bout i send you flowers over the net, it’s beautiful.
Weirdo: No no, i’m serious! I am. You aren’t joking with me are you? Please don’t play with my emotions. Just tell me straight, then i’ll leave you forever.
Cheesie: I don’t even know you! How can i marry someone i don’t know?
Weirdo: It happens all around the world! So the next time when i come around can i say hello to you?
Cheesie: Yes please, make sure you do!
Weirdo: Alright, I’ll give you a visit later and i’ll be the guy wearing a T-shirt…
Cheesie: ……
Weirdo: You know, a radio station where two guys called Rudy and JJ pull pranks on people…
Cheesie: I. AM. NOT. ON. AIR. RIGHT.
Weirdo: Haha… GOTCHA!
Cheesie: ……
Weirdo: This is JJ by the way. Pietro set you up! You wanna talk to him?
Cheesie: BITCH!!!!!!666666