Pun of the day:
When you have so many parties going on you can’t decide which to attend, it’s known as party politics.


And non-happening.

When ironically, i plan for parties and some even say i party for a living. Hmm.

But i still party sometimes la. So many parties so little, erm, sleep?


The Market Place

Yan & Kyan’s birthday party.

I love this shot a lot. You know how hard it is to take decent photos under night mode!

I like the place! Feels very Frangipanish.

The people dress until so kua cheong for the first time i felt that i’m being out OTTed.

Real joker.

This joker lagi melampau funny. Looks like a fluorescent Predator gone nuts.
Put a giant cicak on my head when i wasn’t aware. -_-

Everyone was so colorfur.

Beautiful girls guys girls


The fire dance!!!

It looked really funny when captured on camera. Look like some ghost fire. 😀

Daring princess

Prince in the mask

Thanks to Josh who invited me to this party.

Cute Dutch/Brazilian soldiers

I want to go to Brazil! Their models all look Rodrigo Santoroish! *drools*

Someone owes me the best foie gras from Singapore kononnya.

A party is not a party until the Feri Feri appears.


New Year Eve @ Somo

When the guys run out of topics to talk about, they do this:


Just came back from a shoot in my messy hair styled and re-styled a million times. And i smelt like a freaking walking hair spray can.

And may i repeat, a party is not a party until the Feri Feri appears.


Haih. I’m sooooooooooo not a party cheese. (Even though i’m in love with one)

Partying can’t satisfy my alter-cheesego. She needs a real holiday. 🙁