Moaki: Why you online always, no need work ah?
Cheesie: Neeeeeeeeed. Brogging la.
Moaki: Blog blog blog, can eat meh?
Cheesie: Maybe la. If i sell more clothes lo.
Moaki: Can meh!!! I oso want!


Now Cheesie’ Wardrobe has a special guest—a fashion diva who is always buying on impulse yet forgetting that she ever bought them. Then when she opens her closet, she’ll be like “eh? what are these closthes doing here?” She has a short span of liking an outfit, so much so, before those outfits even get a chance to be let out of the closet, she loses interest in them.

So yea. Moaki has a lot of brand new tops she doesn’t like. -_-

She’s letting some of her branded collections go too!

Check out what a top model wears at Cheesie’s Wardrobe! 😀