I know Cheeserland is now doggie overdosed. But still.



Cheesie: u think papillon or maltese or terrier better?
Pietro: depends on your personal pref
Cheesie: whats ur dog?
Pietro: it’s a mongrel, but a very cute one
Pietro: female
Pietro: named tequila
Cheesie: -_-
Pietro: yeah, so when she grows big we can call her “thakilla!”
Cheesie: i changed my mind
Cheesie: i wanna call my future doggie frangelico
Pietro: what happened to cheddar, i like that better
Cheesie: naming a dog after liquor is cooler
Cheesie: cheddie, by the way
Pietro: oh
Pietro: i wanted to call her bailey’s at first
Pietro: and we got a friend whose dogs name is martini
Pietro: so if they mate we will call their kids graveyards
Cheesie: -_-


What’s your pet’s name? 😀