Pun of the day:
Reality is sometimes more of a stranger than fiction


Peacock recommended Stranger Than Fiction, which i think is a good movie and worth watching because i always believe he has an excellent taste in movie selections. However this is an exception because he didn’t tell me soon enough for me to catch it while it was still showing in the cinemas. So i bought a DVD. Pirated.

The problem with buying pirat copyrightly-challenged DVDs, besides wobbly jelly pictures, random ghost shadows that float around, almost inaudible dialogs but extra loud laughs from an invisible audience, is, the fucckaccino subtitles, which will utterly ruin a good pirated DVD.


To demonstrate the level of potong-steamness it has caused, i’ve repeatplayingly, printscreenstakingly captured some scenes. Check out the subtitles. The actual script is in the dialog boxes.


When Kay Eiffel tries to convince her assistant that people have suicidal thoughts.


When Professor Jules Hilbert tries to analyze Harold’s situation.

And Harold says…




Does the idiot who did the subtitles actually understand English, maybe even a little bit? Has he or she actually watched the movie in the first place? Or just blindly jotted down whatever he/she hears while masturbating to hentai posters on the wall?! Because, who in this world who understands English, will think the captions actually make anyfreakingsense AT ALL?

It annoyed me so much i decided to change the subtitle from English to Chinese.

Which is, in fact, worse.

Does he/she, when doing subtitles in other languages (of course still masturbating), conveniently copy and paste whatever is translated from Babel Fish?

You think.


Moral of the story is, buy original DVDs. Period.