One day i was having a lunch where there’re a bunch of girlfriends and two married men.

MM1 (married man 1) jokingly made a remark that MM2 has many girlfriends in Guang Zhou. Surprisingly, MM2 just chuckled. Never denied.

Then MM2 turned around asked me “If the dog is barking at the back door, and there’s someone calling you at the front door, which door would u open?”

I was stunned for a while, not knowing what he means.

Then he continued, answering his own question, “of course i’ll let the dog in. at least it wags it’s tail and jumps at you, whereas the person at the front door will just nag nag nag and nag…”

I was flabbergasted.

He compared his mistresses to dogs. W. T. F.

MM1: he’s damn good at this man, i envy him so much.
MM2: *chuckles*
MM1: his wife ah, always think that he’s suffering in China, no food to eat, cant sleep well, when he’s happily screwing all his girl friends around.
MM2: *chuckles*



*makes a nauseous spit*


Why do married men always have so much to say when they fall out of love?

Men, no matter how loyal, faithful and crazily in love with you (or so they seem) in the beginning, some day, maybe 5 years down the aisle, they will still hungrily jump at young, pretty beings. I’ve been seeing so many people getting divorced, having affairs and cheating on their partners and telling lots of lies. Seen it all WITH MY OWN EYES.

And that has utterly shattered my faith in marriage. Call me a pessimist but i’ve seen too much of these for me to believe in fairy tales. How do i move on and get married, knowing that at the end of the day, the person closest to me will be out fishing young chicks, like what i’ve seen when i was their age?

Why in men, especially when they are rich and successful, does their resistance to sexual allure become weaker? Or is it simply because they are greedy? Or maybe it’s just a midlife crisis thing? (Speaking of midlife crisis i have so much to rant about again but that’s another story, maybe next time.)


Quote from MM3:

“Falling in love is easy… staying together is difficult. It takes really lots of effort to stay together. Familiarity really breeds contempt. Some blame it on money. I dunno… maybe. I think a couple must move at the same pace and direction. It’s easier when you are moving slow and don’t have many paths to choose from. When everything is moving so fast and opportunities keep flashing before your eyes, that’s another story. People keep giving in to temptations.”

Is it true or are they just plain excuses?


A girlfriend of mine got to know a man. They got along well until she found out that he’s married.

MM4: I suppose most people, including you, will consider me crazy. I don’t need to be drunk to tell you, i love you. But unfortunately, you know fate has stopped our relationship from getting any further.
Girl: WTF are you talking about. You’re MARRIED!
MM4: Sigh, but do you believe that I love you?
Girl: Bullocks. I freaking don’t believe. Especially when it came out from someone who has a wife.
MM4: Yea… that’s the problem. Very difficult to convince u, when i can’t give up my life here. Usually need to prove it.
Girl: You men are just greedy creatures who are never satisfied with just one.
MM4: I always think that u rather believe that i don’t love u, that I’m always telling a lie, so that u wont get hurt by me.
Girl: I don’t believe that a man can love two persons at one time. You can go tell your wife.
MM4: If I tell my wife, you will believe right?
Girl: No.
MM4: There.. you see. That’s why I said you chose not to believe.
Girl: You tell me. How do I bring myself to have faith in someone who constantly cheats on his wife?
MM4: True.. that’s the catch. If i m A I can’t be B n if i m B i can’t be A. Anyway, when i said that i loved her many years ago, i did really love her damn lot. Even willing to cut my flesh for her.
Girl: Fickle dick.
MM4: My dick wasn’t fickle at that time. Pretty straight forward.
Girl: BYE!


Where’s the faith?


Next time, when my boyfriend asks: “Will you marry me?”
I shall reply, “Name me three couples around us who are happily married for more than 5 years and i’ll marry you.”


Edit: Maybe, out of 100 couples, there’s one couple who really live happily ever after. If that’s you and your partner, remember that you’re truly blessed. I will too hope that i’ll be the one exception. 🙂