Pun of the day:
Though i look auctionable i’m not forbidding.

I’m getting tons of requests from Cheeserlanders who want me to help them sell off their stuff on Wardrobe. Some wanted me to do pro bono, some offered items for me to buy to auction off. But i where got so much time to do charity right? Go set up your own Wardrobe lor!

Been having a major headache for sometime now. So i was thinking that i might want to impose a certain percentage of profit sharing. But it won’t really work, because both parties aren’t exactly making profit high enough to warrant the effort.

But then i thought of this new idea: You can now put your things up for bidding in Cheesie’s Wardrobe.


Instead of sharing the profit with me, you just need to pay a fee of RM10 for each item you would like to auction. Let’s say you wanna sell your 100-year-old vintage cheese for RM500. At the end of the auction, it goes up to, say, RM800. So, you earn RM790 instead of sharing 50% with me. Cool isn’t it? 😀

In Wardrobe, it will look like this:

Each of your items will be showcased in a separate page for easy viewing. And you need to auction at least 3 items at one go.


Have an unused camera you want to sell? Maybe a Coach tote you don’t like anymore? Limited edition anime figurines? An oversized tutu? Absolutely useless gifts from friends which you’re dying to get rid of? A MALTESE?! USED PANTIES???666

Here’s what we can do.

What You Do
1. Take nice pictures of what you want to sell.
2. Send them over to me.
3. Wait for bids to get in.
4. Stay cheesed from time to time and answer necessary questions from the bidders (i get that a lot!).
5. Handle payment and shipping on your own (more efficient that way, you get paid sooner too!)

What I Do
1. Help you edit your pictures sui sui, so people like it ma.
2. Do up proper posts for your items in Wardrobe.
3. Help update the bids.
4. Hmm what else… That’s all i think.
5. Ei quite a lot of work already can.

Best thing is, you can auction anything. It’s not limited to just fashion! Yea i know, i might as well change Cheesie’s Wardrobe to Cheesie’s Warehouse, but who cares, right? You get the dough and i can buy my cheese.

Now you might wonder, why should you pay me to sell your stuff? What if they are never sold?

Well… What are the chances of your stuff getting successfully sold? Just check out Cheesie’s Wardrobe. 80% were sold within the first week of posting. Another remaining 10% are items, which are not for sale.

So, pleasecheeseme at gmail.com me if you’re interested!