Pun of the day:
If you can’t find anyone to sing with, you have to duet yourself.

One year later, i discovered another 10 sins.

I can’t sing well but i love Karaoke. Red Box and Neway are just like the American Idol stage for tone deafs to indulge themselves in a delusion to stardom.

BUT! Have you come across people so annoying when singing in Karaoke you just wanna strangle them to death? Please ensure that you don’t commit any of the below before you ask your friends to go sing your lungs out.


1. Be there too early
Surprisingly, being late is acceptable when it comes to Karaoke-ing. People just lurrrrrrrve to sing more! But! If your friend booked 7pm, don’t go and get the room at 6pm. You eat, you sing first. Them come late, they sing less, they tulan!


2. Go out without closing the door
Don’t you just hate people who go out (to toilet or whatever) and leave the door open? You don’t wanna be disturbed by any external noise while singing, let alone get up and close the door! (Go to Neway if you don’t want this to happen. They have attached toilets and auto-close doors.)


3. Select too many songs
They keep selecting songs they want ( or “maybe want”, or just select for fun) until it goes up to 3 pages! Other people no need to sing ah?!?


4. Keep hogging the remote
Some people just like to get hold of the power to remotely control the screen even though they don’t SING. The most annoying kind—They actually sing. And while singing, they hold on to the mic tightly with one hand, and remote in another hand!!! Future dictator!


5. Keep inserting songs
10 people singing. Finally your song comes next, but some cheese-ass cuts queue! He/She jumped his/her own song just when the current person sings the last note. He/she sings 10 songs. You sing one song.


When they’re talking/laughing, THEY ARE CAPITAL LETTERS LOUD. Some people even play games (most irritating being those drinking cai-mui games) so loudly you can’t hear yourself sing. TOTALLY POTONG STEAM!

7. Karaoke Bully
Force people who don’t wanna sing to sing. So what if i don’t want to sing? I hate singing (i came here just because i give face and wanna have fun), you don’t need to shove the mic into my face and act like waiting to watch a stunt.
What’s worse—this kind of people also act like a vocal teacher, telling you which note should be higher! And sing with you during the chorus. Leave us alone! SUPER DUPER MEGA ULTRA A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G.


8. Sing with vocal audio
They’re often the victims of Karaoke Bully. Ok, being lousy in singing is not a sin. BUT! Some people are just so cow. They sing with the singer’s audio on, and sing very, very, verrrrrrry softly as if he/she is lip-synching.


9. Sing too well
Well, not exactly a sin. But you know, people get jealous. If you sing like an angel, they will think that you’re here to insult the weaker ones. They will just shut themselves up, turn into silent mode and vibrate.


10. Sing songs i hate
Only applies to karaoke-ing with Cheesie. The sinners are often innocent. Personal preference ok! If you wanna go singing with me, remember, PLEASEEEEEEEE, don’t sing

1. 劲歌金曲–Can it get any longer? Cut it out!
2.黄昏–It’s hideously depressing. It gives me headache.
3.爱与诚—Go be a dog be a cat la! Haiyo. Freaking cliched song.
4.对面的女孩看过来—*vomits and dies*


How many Karaoke sins have you committed?