Warning: This is a super boring post. Enitre content is the, you know, come-come-let’s-take-pictures-together, eat-too-full-nothing-to-do kind of pointless pictures. You will see my endless right face till the end of this post.



Oh no it’s PINK!! AGAIN!!

I dunno! I’m sorry i just had to! The pinkness is like, pre-programmed into my genes (don’t confuse with the cheese bit, that’s in my vein. It’s different.)


My Royal Punster.

My longest and best friend Ichigo! She’s about the only one who can go as shamelessly pink as i do.

Jackson the SalsaPizza man!



My baby Kiki!

Do zhe nei shiong min lei ngo geh party!

Wiiruson! Hope you have fun in Japan!

The fun we had in Vietnam!

Jojo’s mommy.

Look at his T shirt slogan! Interested? Please cheese me at gmail.com.

Thank you KC and all Italiannies crew.

The mostest deliciousest cheesiest cake!

And because of the above silly picture, one slice of divine cheese was sacrificed. Amen.



The After-Party Party!

They don’t have Frangelico. 🙁

Big Elmo and little cheese

After a few drinks…

Even the very serious Sze Kerng can grimace!

Some people don’t need drinks to go wild

And i got a Fairy kiss!!!

Looks even hotter a fairy now!

Check out that Magarita Tower! Damn shiok!

Then Laundry had a birthday present for me at 12am sharp.


I had to down that flaming whatever shit. Can you see the flame? Look at that frown!

uh. End! Thank you for scrolling down.

Very Happy! Going to Taipei on the 11th!!! Going to buy your costumes!!! 😀 😀 😀