Pun of the day:
I’ve had eNUFF of their NANGuage!

I’m super particular about my blog’s cheesability (read: beauty/ neatness/ reader-friendliness).

That’s why, you don’t see any annoying Google adsense/banner crap on my blog. OMFC very fussy! I could have made some good money out of sacrificing my blog’s friendliness for cash (after some tulanful waiting for the cheque to arrive and then mafanful convertion of different currency MINUS whatever commision you have to let go to the bank), but I didn’t!

That’s because I can’t even tahan seeing that rubbish on Cheeserland myself! I even got irritated by my Kenko’s banner (which i have removed already), because it is so not matching with the blogskin.

If one day Cheeserland become liddis, will you all still cheese me? 🙁

OMFC I think I have blogsessive-compulcheese disorder.

BUT! I made an exception. Notice that pink banner on the side bar?

I decided to join Nuffnang not because they so pinkstakingly customized a PINK banner ONLY for Cheeserland, BUT!

I’m gonna tell you the sweets about joining Nuffnang later.

First of all, Nuffnang is a word in Jafaikan. It means Real Good/Cool. Cool right?

Nuffnang is the First Blog Advertising Community in Malaysia, where bloggers come to earn money and advertisers come to be heard.

And it’s PINK… not. Ya, okay I PSed their website pink, because I hate blue color. See their original website here.

Founded by a Malaysian blogger and his partner who used to blog at lengmou.blogspot.com, Nuffnang is a website that is built by bloggers for bloggers. Nuffnang currently has already about over 900 blogs signed up. Their first paid ads were rolled out on the 25th of March and they’re giving prizes to their exclusive bloggers on their monthly lucky draws. Last months’ prize was an iPod Nano and this month is a PSP (Pink or Black).

For the noobs, this is how it works:

1) Bloggers sign up

2) Do a survey to tell us who they think their audiences are so we can target ads to them. Most bloggers have a good idea of who their readers are since they often interact with their readers or they know of their many friends or fellow bloggers who read their blogs.

3) Paste our HTML code in their blogs so we can track their stats, positioning their ad in good placements so advertisers will be inclined to advertise on their particular blog.

4) Wait for ads to come in. Their earnings will be put into their Nuffnang account at the end of every week once an ad campaign is completed. Once a blogger’s earnings has reached RM100, he/she will have an option to get us to send a cheque and we will send a cheque out to him/her at the end of every month.

Why I think Nuffnang is not annoying really cool:

1) I don’t have a paypal account! And not a lot of people in Malaysia do. Nuffnang pays in RM and you can bank in straight into your bank account!

2) It pays according to the number of average unique visitors you get (which is brilliant) instead of pay-per-click systems. That means you no longer have to place the ads in some stupid places that cause major eyesore in order to trick people into clicking them!

3) It’s so localized! It’s related to all Malaysians. You don’t want to advertise for a cheese company from northern France, which when they send you the cheese you wanted, becomes Vieux Boulogne.

4) The best part! Quoting Timothy, the founder, “We envisioned a website that could offer a piece of the action to as many bloggers as we can, even those that have as low as 20 unique visits a day”, which means, even if there are only 20 people read your blog a day, you’re able to make some money out of it!

This is too cool.

I always think that blogging is not just for some UNEMPLOYED WOMEN to do. Even if, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women, I just want someone to know that, they are self-employed and EARNING something too. At least in a way more decent than he does.

Sign up with Nuffnang today, earn some moolah and buy cheese!