Pun of the day:
The party was too good to pasta off.

My 23rd birthday party was sponsored by Italiannies One Utama. Million cheesy thanks! It was so nicely planned, the food was cheesarific, the service was excellent and all the staff had been nothing but friendly and helpful.

Italiannies at 7pm. Enrico was one of the first guests who came.

Italiannies at 8.30pm. Food was served.

after a few drinks… the party was in grapeshake!


You won’t believe it! The kitchen came up with a special menu to cater just for my party! A cheesified menu with all things extra cheesy. OMC. This is the best place to hold my cheese party.

You really won’t believe it! There were two appertizers and 10 kinds of main course for dinner! Seven of which, are new items no one has ever tried before! And i get to be the FIRST CHEESE WHO TRIED THEM!!!666

I was so busy taking photos the whole time!!!

Unfortunately hor, i didn’t try all the dishes, because I was running here and there! This is the first time i actually hold a proper party, very kancheong you know? But i’m posting up all the cheesilicious food pictures!


Roast Red Pepper

Pesto shrimp served in half roasted red peppers stuffed with sliced garlic. Naked shrimps!! Who doesn’t like them? It tasted so good everybody wanna pepper the chef with all compliments.


Spinach & Artichoke Formaggio (dangerously cheesy)

This is possibly the cheesiest dish in Italiannies! Parmesan cheese blended with spinach, artichokes and mushrooms served with toasted homemade garlic bread. So kao-kaoly cheesy i almost choked.

Cheesus Crust, this is not for the non-cheesers, seriously.


Sicilian Chicken Salad

I love this! Diced chicken breast, mangoes, ripe red grapes with pine nuts tossed in creamy lemon-dijon dressing. I hunted up and down for those pine nuts. So crispy and makes you go nutssss.


Seafood Cioppino (new)

I had to clam-ber and mussel my way through to get some of this! (the table too long!)

Mussels, tender calamari, clam and shrimp sauteed, deglazed in white wine and tossed in a spicy marinara sauce served over fettuccine pasta. Great for seafood lover!


Conchiglie Pomodoro (new, cheesy, and, uhm… whatever it means)

Shell pasta tossed with pomodoro sauce and parmesan cheese. I like this better than Seafood Cioppino because it’s cheesy, duh it’s cute (bite size, no messiness), and the bit of sourness that tantalizes your palates. I shell eat this again!


Classic Carbonara

One of Italiannies’ best sellers! The usual, fettuccine tossed in parmesan cream sauce with smoke beef bacon, turkey ham and fresh button mushrooms. THEN! The waiter came and sprinkled chunks and chunks of parmesan powder. Cheeseness. Couldn’t get enough of it!


Seafood risotto (new)

Keju’s favorite!

Instead of the usual pasta, the seafood sauteed in white wine is combined with Aborio rice cooked in clam and chicken broth. Very aromatic!


Napoli Bianco Pizza (new…and cheesy)

I didn’t get to try this!!! Before i could grab it it was all gone! So i assume it’s very tasty lo. This is made with Italiannies’ signature beef meatballs, beef pepperoni, diced chicken & melted mozzarella cheese, topped with Alfredo sauce.


Smoked Salmon Pizza (new…and VERY cheesy)

OMC this is my favorite!! Must try must try! I still drool when i blog about it now!

It has Gorgonzola dill cream sauce & cream cheese, topped with slices of smoked salmon. I eat mozzarella on pizza until very sien liao, this cheese is yummy! So rich in flavor it just blends magically with the salmon, i’m hooked!


Grilled Salmon Oreganatto

*Forgot to take picture! GRRR!!!*

Served over fresh spinach and veggies, with rosemary potatoes and oregano butter. I didn’t try this. 🙁


Chicken Cacciatore (new)

KC’s favorite! He taught me how to pronounce Cacciatore, i forgot how! But it reminds me of the japanese “yakitori”.

It’s half roasted chicken simmered in tomato wine sauce. I can’t believe i didn’t try this!!! I must go back tomorrow and try.


Filet Mignon with Portabella Mushroom (new)

Grilled beef filet served on garlic bread and garnished with sauteed portabella mushrooms, french beans & rosemary potatoes with balsamic oil.


Last but not least…


My Birthday Cheesecake!

It’s prolly hard to believe, this is one of the best cheesecake i’ve ever tried. Keju kept eating until Nelly had to take the plate away from him!

Nelly: *reminds* Hoi! Marathon, MARATHON!
Keju: Just another biiiiiiite!

That was how good it was!!!


I really had a wonderful time! Very tired and hungry already. Will post party pictures sooooooon!