We’re supposed to go to Yang Ming Shan on the second day for uhm, “flower-watching”.

Fancy staircase.

We did go, though it was after some frightening bus experience. We had to take a bus to go up and down the mountain. The bus was so freaking mini, we had to stand and hold so tightly to the bars. The road was wobblier than jello and the entire bus was shaking like SHAKIRA’S BACKSIDE! When we finally got down from the bus, our stomaches were turned upside down like a glass of ice-shaken milo.

That’s about all the flowers we saw in the entire mountain. -_-

Sort of potonged the steam a bit but nevermind. We were going to Beitou for hot spring!

Spent half a day in Beitou. Sunset was beautiful. =)

Steaming hot Kiki, literally!

Cheesh i’m sorry. I’m soooo cheesily infatuated with the devastatingly charmimg magician.

Some stupid photos.

Chiwawa in a dress!

Outside some shop pasted this notice that says “Smile, you’re under surveillance” and some stills of the recording. Some one got busted stealing bags in that shop. -_-

Oooh, here’s the food we ate!

Lu Rou Fan.

How to say Lu in english ah? Braised? Stewed?

A little too fatty but very delicious!

Shredded chicken rice. Something very simple but super yummy!

Shopping in Xi Men Ding!

The shop spells Ringo! Omcomc 😛

Then Ma La steamboat for dinner.

This is the best steamboat sauce in the world. We didn’t know how to mix all the obscure stuff, and one pretty, friendly girl customer offered to do it for us. So nice!


Stinky Pot Noodle. Just bought it out of curiousity.

We were super duper mega ultra tired that day. All of us couldn’t feel our legs when shopping in Xi Men Ding but Kiki and I kept on telling TT “just this last shop” and “just one final look” but we kept being attracted to walk into all the fashion boutiques!!

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