Pun of the day:
Mosquito zappers are such a hit.

I can’t believe there are actually people who come up with 11 ways to treat a mosquito bite!


Wtf. -_-.

How else can you treat a mozzie bite other than scratching it frantically until it’s no longer itchy, and maybe putting some ointment, at most?


OMC why are the kwai los making such a big deal out of some pokes by a tiny insect?

Yes yes, mozzies are the mostest annoyingest living thing in the world (or in your room). I’ll rather have five frogs than a bloodsucker that keeps me sleepless at night in my bedroom. To illustrate its utmost annoyance, i’ve included a mozzie in all my pictures below to send you goosebumps.


I was just wondering. When you get a mozzie bite, what do you do? I’ll do just anything to stop the itch!

Do you, scratch?


Cheez I love my long nails.


If you do, do you just scratch like a doggie digging bones with 4 fingers, or, scratch around the bite? (I don’t understand why people do that, maybe to prevent infection. But heck, that’s like drinking sea water to quench thirst.)



Do you pinch it like you do to your baby cousin’s apples? You get that sadomasochistic pleasure! 😀



Sometimes poking seems to gimme that sugar high!

The Golf Ball poke.

But poking with your fingernail is much more fun!


Mostly i poke a cross.


Or a square.

Or lines… Or other design. See how creative you are lor (and the size of the bite).

If that still doesn’t satisfy, the try Mozzie Box. Sure very SHIOK!



Last but not cheese.
Or something you can kill your time (and itchiness) with.