Pun of the day:
If you step onto a plane and recognize a friend of yours named Jack, don’t yell out Hi Jack!

After reading this, i was so compelled to blog about the same thing—-the names of the Star Idol Malaysia’s contestants.

I don’t really follow the show, i think it’s not even half as interesting as Cheddie’s video clips. On top of that, why watch it when i can make myself an iDoll too. Wahaha.

Anyway. About their names!! There’re 20 contestants and half of them have very, uhm, to put it nicely, unique, names.

Such as:

A pretty girl who has a macho name.

I would have guessed that her chinese name is Wong Hui Kit or something that’s why everyone calls her Ah Kit. But no lo. Her chinese name is Zheng Zi Juan. Maybe she wants to be the female Akon! (So maybe her real name is actually Aliana Dalmation Gouda Tissot Parmesan Necklace La La La Burger Akit Teh).


A macho guy with a girly name.
According to his chinese name he should call himself Joey! But i think he finds Joey too sissy, so he opted Jimmy, but then he loves Gummy Bears, and wanted to name himself after them.


I’m your father.
To quote Sihan,

“Hi, SON, how are you doing in the school today? Did your behave yourself?”


A guy named Today (in Japanese).

Ohayo! Kyo wa gakko e ikimasuka? (Good morning! Are you going to school today?)

Kyo: “Oh, i’m not going to school today.”
Reporter: “Oh. Not today? What about Monday?”
Kyo: “Monday? Yea Monday is going.”


There. Monday.
Who is going to school. Today.


Apparently if you don’t like days for your name, you can always opt for months. I know people who are called April, May, June, whose birthday falls on the month of their name. Nowadays maybe got February, December and October.

But i dunno got people so kiasu want to occupy two months in a row! (Or are they indecisive?)

“May or June better? I think Mayjune sounds cool!”

Yes yes it is. How about Novemberdecember for your future daughter?


There’re people who want everything in their name too!
A girl i met from Fasio Contest. Whom i think stands a very high chance of making her way into the finals of Star Idol too.


She got her name from Japanese rock band Glay. She shortened the four band members’ names, Takuro Kubo, Teruhiko Kobashi, Yoshihito Wayama and Hisashi Tonomura and formed HISHIKO. I dunno how she did that genius cut and paste but yea. Interesting name!


Another personal friend of mine.
She was the first girl who got eliminated from Star Idol.


Her name is actually Dorothy. I guess she called herself Doll because that’s more catchy? Plus i can’t deny that she’s really pretty like a doll. Ahh… no need to be an iDoll already.


I can only say that most of the contestants’ names are really, uhm, special. But they are all not even in the same zip code as funny as this. I mean, literally.


Reporter: “Hie Doll, where’s the other girl contestant?”
Doll: (who has a sharp nose, no pun intended): *sniff sniff* “Hmmm i smell Funny!”
Reporter: “Huh… you do?” *subconsciously backs off*
Doll: “Haha no la. Just kidding.”
Reporter: “Haha that’s funny.”
Doll: “Huh really? Where?”



Ok enough of making fun of other people. Before you bash me kao kao and want me to realize that my name is not exactly the best but just as lame/cheesy/funny to the max, read this first. I have already made fun of mine. Cheese you very much.