Saw this banner outside Ikano.


A closer look.

A (relatively) new shop that sells pies. Apparently they make you super emo. You will then sigh like no tomorrow.


There’s this story about a girl who fell in love with a chicken pie (not like the chicken pie blogger’s chicken pie, but you know, the chicken pie).

To cut the story short, the chicken pie dumped her. The girl then killed the pie for revenge.

Haih. Piepie ah Piepie. Why did you break my heart. You know i loved you so much!


Haiih. Why! Why did you leave me! I thought you were the best thing i could ever have in my life… GO TO HELL! *stabs Piepie with fork*


Haihhhhh whyyyyy! Omg. Leave me alone to die. I should have never had an affair with you. *harakiris with a fork*


Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. The advertiser should eat the damn humble pie!


Haha look at what Haha (no pun intended dammit) wrote in my comment page:

pies that make you sai sai and sai !
hakka : ann 太只食唔 sai !
cantonese: 食德唔好 sai !
hokkian : jiakliao 好帮 sai !