Pun of the day:
Cheesie: So she falls for your puns la?
Peacock: Memang pun.
Cheesie: Macam tu pun boleh -_-

I’m just few hours away from flying towards my long awaited vacation.

I’ll be gone for the longest period, this time.


My luggage is so full! I tried not to bring so much stuff but i couldn’t. I was like,

“Eh i must bring this.”
“Ok enough that’s it. Can’t fit in even a sesame >_<" "Hmmm... this looks nice too. Ok one last item." "Nooooooo that pair of boots matches my outfit too omgwtfbbqdvd *pulls hair*…”


Some people told me they get this cheese-withdrawal-syndrome when they see no update on Cheeserland for 2 minutes. And they will suffer chronic finger-ache due to constant F5ing (excuse me but that’s not a new dirty word, you twisted-antenna!)

Fret not! I’ve thought of a way to supply you your essential daily dose of calcium.

I’ll update as often as i can when there’s an internet connection. When there isn’t, i’ll sms! 😀


Well, not like directly to you la, but, see the My Shout Out Widget on the sidebar?



I’ll sms to cheese you guys from time to time and you get to see what i’m most recently up to.

If you want one too, just register with Pacmee (Don’t ask. I also dunno why they call themselves Pacmee. Sounds yummy. I assume the founder of Pacmee loves to eat Mamee snacks while playing PS1 games. Wait. Maybe it’s a clue. It asks me to pack some instant mee cuz the place i’m going to is so expensive.) and you can start smsing away. Just type your message and SMS it to 22700 with your mobile phone.

It’s even cheaper than sending normal sms. You are only paying 5 sen per Cheeseout. 🙂

I have an even better idea. Let’s fly with me. Just type ON CHEESIE to 22700 and you will receive sms’es on my latest update. It costs RM0.25 per month for each user you follow. It’s so cheap!


Don’t ask where i’m flying to. I don’t wanna jinx it. I still believe in Futon Jinx, in a way. You will read it soon, though.

I’m gonna miss my baby so much.

More photos available at my Chocoboard.

Remember to cheese out my Cheeseout, and get one yourself too! Stay cheesed. 🙂


P/S: Mom, please remember to feed Cheddie her heartworm pill, on the 5th of October, Friday, 6.28pm. We want her to have a strong heart (to sustain heartbreak and all, urgh. Where’s heartworm pills for me?). Remember hor. I buy presents for you!

Till then. 🙂