Omc. Does that happen to you? That your muse just suddenly comes that you type so much as if you’re possessed by an armless Sadako who needs a living substitute to vent her wrath.

Then it just suddenly goes away like a… erm ghost? (I meant to type wind but it’s as cliched as Gone with the wind and i just think a ghost gives more… oomph?)

(Okay i was thinking “shiver factor” instead of “oomph” because i guess oomph generally carries positivity? But i dunno why i typed that…)

(Okay enough. *slaps self*)

Omc when was the last time i ever emo’ed? Ok, except that Futon Jinx incident (which made me such a bitter, bitter apple i absolutely detest). I guess i subconsciously disallowed myself to publicly display emoness.

Why am i being so mean to myself!!!

I re and re and re-read my past entries, some from my imaginary blog in seach for my true self altercheesego(es?). I’ve been so cheezophrenic i am not even conscious of which part of me is typing npw. See, she even makes typo, which some part of me normally doesn’t.


Anyway, I realized that I was so mean! I mean, i was blatantly mean to people i disliked and blogged like i really meant it. What, have i demeaned myself (wait… that sounds wrong)? Erm what i mean is why am i so not consciously mean now when i, in fact, don’t mean to be not mean when fighting for what really means a lot to me.

Okay, i don’t mean to confuse you but oh well, if you know what i mean.

I discovered an entry written one and a half years ago (sorry not available on Cheeserland).

The layout is pink. But i depinked it to avoid confusion with my actual layout (happy anot? My blog is pink again! Yay!).

And i think it’s the best post i’ve ever written.


I’m such a fool for not being able to be any more articulate.