I think my baby is anorexic. She used to gobble up her meals ravenously within 1 minute. Now she just eats a little, runs away, plays with her toys, comes back 10 mins later and eats a little more, then ignores her food completely.

I now have to coax her to eat omg! Like a human baby 0.o. Very tiring leh! Why puppies so manja one! I have to go like “Hey haro baby, come here, *grimaces* yummy yummy! *lures* fetch, good girl there you go yummy yummy *feeds* hey COME BACK!’.


I think maybe she’s bored with her kibbles? i thought of switching brand (i’m feeding her Eagle Pack now) but i heard that constant change of food encourages picky eating habit!

How how how?



Found in Chili’s. Surprisingly.


It’s called Prawn Alfredo. The name itself doesn’t indicate much cheesiness.

It’s penne in white sauce topped with grilled prawns and a slice of toasted garlic bread. Granted, Alfredo sauce is made of Parmesan, butter and heavy cream. But i didn’t expect it to be that cheesy.

They should have named it The Ultimate Cheeser Challenge Pasta or something. At least i would be gastronomically prepared for it lo ok.


I saw it in a promotional menu once. It’s like now you see now you don’t. Anyway, i ordered it in Chili’s KLCC.

When the dish came, i could smell the pungent cheesiness miles away. And i thought, hey this is really something.

As if the fatally cheesy cream was not enough, they had to throw chunks and chunks of Parmesan shreds on top. o.o


I took one bite. And went all siao.


OH MY GOUDA. It was heavenly! The kao-ness of the cream gave me a sense of euphoria. It was like, i’ve found my eternal Cheesedom in this plate of delectable goodness.

Thousands of thoughts ran through my head. I wanted to recommend this dish for all the cheese lovers on this planet, then get some journalists to announce to the whole world about this new cheesy discovery, and enter the dish for Cheeseness World Record…


I took a second bite. Yes. *This* is the cheesiest pasta ever.


The third mouthful. Hmmm…Maybe, a tad too overpowering?


Forth bite. Okay. I wonder who else will appreciate this pasta, except me? Because it’s just… too cheesy?!


Forth and a half bite. That’s it. HOW COULD IT BE SO CHEESY? 0.o


Then I started to feel nauseated. Due to extreme cheesiness. My innards churned upside down and my cheesy veins went all hairwired. For the first time in my entire cheesy life. What the cheese is going on?


I dunno. I just couldn’t carry on eating. I tried nibbling a bit here and there but something’s just wrong.

Half an hour later.

I decided to give up.

This is the best i could do. Seriously.


I finished the grilled prawns though. Because they were the least cheesy in that plate. I was so afraid some waiters was gonna come and show their concern, like, “How was the food? I see you didn’t finish it. Didn’t you like it?”

Wtf am i supposed to reply? “Oh you know hor, it’s just too cheesy to my liking?”

OMC i’ll never expect myself to say something like that in this lifetime ok. 0.o




I felt so… defeated. And devastatingly humiliated. Suddenly i felt as if i am a delusional, super obese woman who runs a slimming center. Wtf wei, who can endure more cheesiness other than me? ME! Me the Empress of all Cheesiness?

Cheesus Crust. I was totally crushed. Why am i so inadequate?!

Here’s a challenge. If anyone of you can finish the last drop (must lick the plate clean) of that damn pasta, you can gladly pronounce yourself the new All Cheese Guru, and i shall descend my cheesy throne, go hide somewhere and blog anonymously in nomorecheese.com or cheeseless.com or something.


Goodbrie everyone.





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