They say once you do it, you will never be straight again.


It’s true though. I’m not straight anymore.


Haha. I’m talking about hair.

I’m loving my new curls. But they’re still ebony. πŸ™‚


For the first time in my life i decided that i’m done with straight hair. Sure it does look silky smooth and gorgeous (it’s an illusion people, don’t envy. I have a cheezillion tangles and i spend 45 mins just to blow dry it). I’m kinda frustrated with it. It’s flat and sometimes my mickey ears will stick out in between my hair when taking photos and it annoys the cheese outta me! Then i will have to PS them away because they are so very potong steam. I’m sure a lot of girls have this problem lo. Especially just after rebonding, you have to jaga very carefully. Cannot even do the flirty flip hair thing. Sien.

I remember swearing that i’d never perm nor dye my hair lo. It’s sooo bad to your hair. Imagine if your hair actually has feelings, it will ask you to stop torturing it! But for the first time, i felt like torturing my hair haha. It’s the 50% fault!!! This salon near my place is having 50% discount for all services. So the digital perm only cost me about RM160. I think quite cheap!


I think my hair is hopelessly healthy!

Eh. That came out wrong. I mean, my hair is, hopelessly, erm, straight? They spent hours curling and heating with the machine that made me look like some dormant mad scientist in treatment. It came out nice and bouncy but it lasted only 3 hours. Cuz my hair is too straight and heavy it cannot hold the curls!

EVERY hairstylist who curled my hair before for shoots said this.

“Ringo, you hair is too healthy la. We have to put super high heat to make the curls stay.”

So yea after a shoot i will normally go home with foul mood because my hair is now all hairwired (eh, pun?), and toasted.


Come on lo! It’s not just your regular DIY styling, is permanent digital perm wei! Haro? Lasted 3 hours ah? I spent RM200 for nothing?

So sad lo.

Sorry bad photographer (ie Mr Self Timer). And i’m in my boxer ahem. Sorry today no mood pan leng leng

It’s all limpy and messy now. I really envy those people with bouncy curls. As a girl who’s having her locks curled to imperfection, i’m really clueless. I don’t have a DIY curler yet. So this is what i did to make it stay curly.

wtf. Suagu.

Is there any hair guru out there who can tell me how i could maintain my hair gorgeously wavy? I don’t even dare to comb it now. O.o