I’m slightly annoyed by things that happened after coming back from my holidays. Note that i added the word “slightly” because i sometimes i can’t help but love to exaggerate things. And now i wanna do just the opposite.


Everything is fine, baby.


When i’m upset i create a lot of vagarious capriccio (yea that, too). I don’t know why. Then people will go like, oh, Ringo is losing her pun/funniness. I dunno lo. Something that i used to enjoy doing so much now turned into something that constantly upsets me on a daily basis. I wonder why. And one good friend says, when it feels like that, just think about why you started doing it in the first place, and you might just find the pleasure all over again.

True enough. So I’m gonna try blogging like how i used to blog, three years ago. Waaa it’s been that long.

I wonder why i can’t seem to be content with myself. With things, like wonderful things that came into my life. Why do i constantly think that i deserve better when in fact, i’m already so much better off in relativity. One cannot be innately cynical. What made me what i am now? Humans are such greedy creatures and it disgusts me to the marrows. Yea lo. I think i’m damn disgusting. TT said i need to change. And stop blaming. Because I see my cheesecake as half bitten and not half left.


Okay lo. I shall stop complaining. One efficient way to make myself feel from bitter to better is to count her own blessings right? I will attempt to write 10 la okay.


1. I have friends who adore me (though some whom i, in return, have greatly disappointed, and whom i could never make up the damage i have done, yet they still stay by my side). I’m so blessed.

2. I have the cutest Maltese in the world. I challenge you to beat that. If you win, you can be my dog instead. Muahaha. I’m so blessed.

3. I’m always lucky (i said “always” because i’m just trying to stay positive, because this is a self prep talk right? Wtf). When i played Wii Bowling (note that i have never played a real bowling game in my life, just look at my long nails la) for the first time. I got like, a double turkey. 7 freaking strike wei. Ask Fuad. He can testify. I’m so blessed.

4. I have gorgeous, long, ebony hair. I’m so blessed.

5. I have two hands. Some people only have one. I’m so blessed.

6. My sex tape didn’t leak out like Paris Hilton’s. I’m so blessed. And kidding.

6. I just got a freaking 3.5ml La Mer sample! Who gets luckier than that! Omg i’m so blessed!

7. I had 9A1s for SPM. If you count 1119, that makes 10 A1s. I can’t be that stupid right? Yea i should stop showing off how blessed i am.

8. I’m not rich and I have job(s) that pay pine nuts (peanut is still quite big, eh) but i can still fund my own holidays. Like, yay. Though i so very hope that i have bloody loaded parents of whom i can live off, sending me off to UK to study and give me 500 pounds a week and shit like that. Man, when i was in London i saw and experienced what i’ve been missing all my life. I want to do it now but how? I thought of selling used panties/leggings to raise fund for “Send Poor Cheesie to London” campaign. Anyone interested? Erm… i’m so blessed?

9. I’m losing weight by day, while some people need to fork out RM139 to buy some stupid plums. I need to stop losing weight (i think i probably weigh like 39 now). Ok la Kenko Diet Plum helps a lot but i stop taking it already. If not i might just shrink into an Oompa Loompa. I’m so blessed.

9. I had 9A1s for SPM. Eh shit. I think i wrote about that already.

10. Hmmm, what else ah? Oh yea. That i can still sit here blogging while you’re reading this from your lousy office. Wahahha i’m so blessed!


There. My ten blessings. If you want go ahead and write yours. Am i happier now? Yes? Maybe not.


Gourd. I’m such a bitter god.