This is what I blogged about four months ago.


I wanted a Sony Ericsson W660i.


And a Sony Ericsson W660i I have now!

All thanks to Chee Seen. You all remember her? She’s my delirious Harajuku Doll. I entered her to the Hotlink Harajuku Doll contest in conjunction with Gwen Stefanie’s concert.



Guess what? She won! Albeit being the ultimately jinjang cheesetart, she won the contest. Who would have expected that?


No. 6 summore (but No. 1 among the Nuffnangers who participated in the contest).


This is Chee Seen’s beloved prize.


To commemorate the auspicious occasion, I even put a Harajuku iDoll as my wallpaper. So super matching right? 😀


I want to thank everyone who voted for Chee Seen. Thank you for all your 231 votes. You all have saved her from drowning herself in a hot pot of Gorgonzola fondue. And a big thank you to Nuffnang who came up with such a wonderful idea for Nuffnangers, and make my lala Harajuku Doll the most victorious one. 😀