After Wendy and Mayzhee that is.


Okay kidding! My nails are sooooo gorgeous i can’t wait to show them off!

And no kidding, this is a super bimbo post. I haven’t done this in a long time… i think what, 3 days? Cheez i miss bimbo post.

These are my new nails. They are all real ok.

Nail art in Kaohsiung is soo cheap. I did it at a small nail art stall at Jue Jiang Night Market. Designs like this one cost about RM55 only. It’s like 3 times cheaper than the ones in KL! Serious, 3 layers of shimmery polish, plus, i dunno, more than 100 crystal studs in all colors and sizes!

The artist’s name is Miao Miao. She is super speedy! She did the whole set of my nails in less than half an hour. Now i know why Taiwanese girls put so much effort in making themselves pretty. Things are cheap, fast, and of good quality! It’s been six days now and not a single tiny crystal stud has come off my nails.


I’ve never done my nails (apart from basic manicure) in KL and will never do because it’s such a rip off! A girl friend just got conned by a nail shop. They charged her RM0.20 service fee per crystal stud. Mind you, it’s not the crystal. It’s the service charge! Hello! Like, Oh i have to squint my eyes so hard my eyesight is impaired by 0.005% so you’ll have to pay me 20 cents per stud i stick on your finger nail.



I couldn’t stop admiring my own nails! God i’m so in love with them. Every two minutes or so i’ll ask a random person (if i’m alone then i’ll ask myself. Or Cheddie) “Aren’t my nails gorgeous?”

And nails have become my new obsession. These are what i bought from Kaohsiung!

Vanity kit.

The Bling blings.

I’ve also custom made a set of nails for future use. It’s very exquisite Victorian sculpture.

Beautiful right?

This is my best shopping from Taiwan!!


Since this is a bimbo post, might as well bimbo all the way.

For people who want to see my new hair!