I was talking to mom.

“You know, being a dog is so sien!” she said.
“Why! How you know? You’re not a dog also,” I protested.
“I asked you not to get a dog. They are bored all the time,” she nagged.
“That’s why we have to shower them with care!” I said.
“But when you’re not playing with them, what can they do?” she asked.
“Erm… sleep?”
“Exactly! See, they don’t watch tv, can’t play monopoly, don’t know how to go online, can’t gossip with friends,”

Okay, she made a point.

“And she needs me to play with her all the time, which is quite taxing leh.”

So mom asked if we should give Cheddie away. And i said why not.


Mom and daughter.

Goodbye my precious baby.










So mom asked if we should get another dog. And i said why not.


And i started asking around.

Friend: You really looking for a puppy?
Cheesie: Yea!
Friend: Where’s Cheddie!
Cheesie: Here!
Friend: Why need another dog? Cheddie not enough for you?
Cheesie: No.
Cheesie: I’m not enough for Cheddie.


I’m serious.


Cheddie is no longer a companion to me. She has become my baby daughter. Who’s suffering severe separation anxiety.

My mom and I now have to be with her 24/7. There was one day mom called me up and said, “Cheddie is missing,”

My heart skipped a beat and I could almost understand how a heart attack feels like.

“I came back home and she was nowhere to be found,” she said.

It was a long story. To cut to the cheese, that day, mom left her alone in the house for a couple of hours, and she miraculously escaped from home (we don’t know how it was possible because the door and gate was properly secured) and ended up stray in the middle of the road and got picked up by an Indian family. We almost lost her forever. Anyway, luckily our neighbour recognized the car plate number so we managed to track down to the person who got her. Damn dramatic ok.

Since then, we will never let her out of our sight. I cannot afford to lose my baby.

The problem is, she has become annoyingly clingy. In another word, she can’t focus on any basic things at all when I’m not around. She can’t sleep, eat, drink, play. It’s as though the sole purpose of her fluffy existence is to find her mommy (and get a leash to tie her mommy with her if possible) and live happily ever after right beside her.

And that means, I can never leave her alone for more than 30 seconds to say, answer the nature’s call. The moment I shut the bathroom door, she will start barking and scratching the door with her front paws non-stop. When I thought I could finally go get myself a glass of water without being tailed while she’s deep asleep, I couldn’t be more wrong. Somehow she has an automatic censor for “mommy’s existence” even when she’s dreaming. She would anyhow anycheese be immediately alerted and lifts her messy chin up and looks my way. Then half-awake, she’ll quickly but groggily follow me into the kitchen, and come back out behind me. When I settle down on the couch, she’ll sleep again. This is my dog. She can’t even bear not seeing me for more than five seconds.

So then, I’ll have to be with her 24/7. I bring her out for dinner with me, go online at Starbucks together, do grocery together, go to saloon together. Great, now i watch dvds at home because I can’t go to the cinema.

And blog together.

Seriously, it is too much attention she’s needing that I can’t seem to give. Believe it or not I’m now typing on my bed and she’s scratching my hand and barking as if to protest “I thought it’s Cheddie and Mommy’s Fetch time!”


Please lo, i love dogs very much but i also have a job, and it is not puppy-sitting. I reckon she needs a playmate la.


So people, I’m looking for a new puppy, in desperate hope to reduce Cheddie’s emotional attachment to human beings.

I cannot afford an atas pedigree, so I don’t mind a mongrel without cert, but it mustn’t grow very big because I only have limited space at home, and I wanna keep it an indoor pet. I will give SPCA a visit soon but if you know any good deals, please let me know.