with nails.

This is how it looked one week ago.

Angelic Love


You can never go wrong with pink. And pink, and pink also. Trust me. I dunno why! Pink just looks so good on nails. And girls. Ivory is a very good color for base. Then you can play all you want with the pink rhinestones of all sizes and shade.



And i decided to give it a revamp for CNY and it looks really vamp now!

Went to a nail parlor today to replenish my rhinestones and they sell their medium-size stones at a ridiculous RM0.50 each and the big ones RM1 each. Damn siao betul. So i went to a phone accessory store instead and bought those gemstone bling blings supposed to stick on your phone for my nail art! (And get in any shopping malls! Stop asking already, just go look see look see in accessory shops). It’s like RM5.90 for an amount you can decorate 50 people’s nails! Happy Happy!

Really lo, i normally put more than 20 rhinestones (of different sizes) on one fingernail. Imagine how much that will cost! I suggest you do it yourself, it’s really simple, not at all as intimidating as it looks. =)

Devilish Luxury

Color used: OPI: My Private Jet

OPI is such a good, good good nail polish! If you want perfect polish like a Porsche car paint, don’t buy the RM10 for 3 kind of polish. I’m sooo in love with OPI nail color but it’s super expensive. I’d like to trade a free Cheddie-peck-on-the-cheek on top of my already much sought after nail art secrets for a bottle or two OPIs. T_T.

If you want to play with two colors, use a super shimmer gloss cuz it’s easier to apply on top and a mistake will look less obvious. (But as you can see my pink shimmer is too kao and sticky!)

And the fun part!!!

Sticking rhinestones πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Oooomg I cannot begin to tell you how greedy i am. I have a million of designs in my head and i want to try all of them! BUT I ONLY HAVE TEN FINGERS!!!

I wish i was an octupus. Then again an octopus doesn’t have finger nails. -_-


So i did different designs for each nail.

My nails can grow really, reeeeeeeeally long but they are very narrow, so i can only decorate it vertically or diagonally.


I just sooo love the necklace idea!

Thumbnail (no pun intended! :D)

Pearl white love-shape gem with lotsa tiny, erm, thingies. Have to be super patient sticking these.


With more rhinestones of pink and silver surrounding.



Remember to apply a layer of top coat to secure the stones. =)

Omgwtfcnydongdongchiang i’m so having fabulous nails for the holidays!

See it even matches my phone (and current wallpaper)! πŸ˜€

And remember to only do one hand at a time, in case it ruins your newly painted nails.

See. Now i’m having yin & yang finger nails!


It’s not easy to do this post ok i had to snap a picture at every step with ONE HAND then continue doing my nail job with the SAME HAND. πŸ˜€

Okay okay okay! Now you expensive nail parlors can all go zhap lap. Thank you.