I finally understand why nails are called nails. Because just like nails, they can get rusty.

Rusty nails!

My gouda. I don’t know why they could become like this! It’s the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen. Maybe the nail paint covered the enamel for too long it couldn’t breathe?

I know right, i freaked out also but please don’t lecture me and tell me not to torture my nails anymore with poisonous chemical in the name of vanity. Please lo! You guys also contaminate your lungs with tobacco and your liver with alcohol, you dare talk to me about nails?!?!? Nail painting is also an addiction like smoking and drinking. At least i can do something about my rusty nails. What are you gonna do with your blackened lungs? Huh huh huh?

To solve this unsightly problem right, i decided to…

Paint my nails again. Muahaha

Color: Funny Bunny from O.P.I and Nail Vita 104 from Skin Food.

This is supposed to be like a Valentine’s nail art (see, got rose!).

Wtf now my nails are so pretty! If you got blemish on your face you will also cover it with concealer right! πŸ˜€


To quote Jolin Tsai, “I cannot walk out from my house without my pretty nails, if not my nails will feel like they are not wearing clothes. You don’t walk out from your house naked, do you?”



On a less defensive note, i actually think i should really be a part time nail art artist. Pretty nails, anyone?