My nail posts seem to be the most popular! And when i blog about serious issue i get like, two comments. Why you all very interested in my nails meh? Seems like you all are more bimbotic than me! HOW CAN!!!666

Ok la i decided to blog about just nails from today onwards just to keep you interested. Like, oh, dear readers, two rhinestones fell off from my index fingernail today due to *ahem* scratching *ahem* and i think should change to another nail glue brand. Oh and my typing speed just reduced from 34wpm to 23. Should i file my nails again? Hmmm…


Anyway i have no picture to blog about the audition! I went there only because my lousy friends (neh, timoahemty, wenahemqi and pinkahempau) wanted me to embarrass myself. The sentence i repeated most to them the moment i registered myself was, “can i go home now?” wtf. How did it go? Basically i was so nervous i almost needed diapers la.


I want to continue with my Taiwan trip but my internet is so lousy!

Freeze! Gimme ma mahney!

Who are they and what do they want?!?

Stay cheesed to find out more. 🙂