I can’t believe it happened to me. Twice. Two years in a row.


HH and I were eating some famous Asam Laksa at this Pasar Malam an hour ago. It was an exceptionally empty today. Normally it takes you 15 minutes standing beside the crowd drooling while waiting for a seat and another 20 minutes of waiting before your Laksa arrives. Today, 2 mintues later and we were downing steaming bowls of Laksa.

Two very old ladies came and sat beside us.

The Laksa was yummy.

HH nudged me lightly and whispered.

“Oh my god. Did you hear what the lady said?”
“That she thinks i’m beautiful?”
“No. What?”
“She said today is Father’s day.”






No wonder the Laksa stall was so empty. Which filial child on earth will bring his/her father to an ugly dirty stall at a Pasar Malam?

I asked HH.

“If you could purchase a good father by installment, would you buy one?”
“How good is a good father?”
“One who buys you a 6 series—–cash, give you pocket money every week for petrol, pay your credit card and 50 percent down payment for your choice of gorgeous duplex?”
“Waaaa. Then i’ll buy la. Good investment ma. But where to find a father so sweet!”
“Got. A sugar daddy.”



Anyway. I’m at Black Canyon blogging now. And the waitstaff handed me a special menu.

“Good evening! This is our Father’s day special. We’ve got wild mushroom soup, thai marinated chicken steak….”


“Do i really look that old?” asked HH.



Anyway Happy father’s day to mommy! I’m sorry i haven’t been back to Sban. I’m so busy finding out the differences between a roman blind and a roller blind. An yes yes Cheddie, I love you too.

P/S: This was what happened last year.