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I had my hair dyed red.

Inspired by the Scarlett girls in Bali.



No la. Red isn’t even my favorite color. but hor i decided to give it a try, so what do you think?

no make up

made up

waaaaay too much make up

I came to realize to not be too certain about anything in life. Seven years ago i swore that i’d never do anything to my long, black hair. I won’t cut it for an ONS with Hugh Jackman, i would never ever perm it because i liked it silky straight, and i lagi never would dye it because i think it’s a very stupid thing to do, like smoking.

And look, my hair now is short, wavy and red.

Ten years ago when i was still reveling in all lalaness i swore that i will never be seen dead in tight, high waisted jeans because super duper low cut hip-baring flare bottom jeans was soooooo the in thing back then. I told all my friends that it would be the trend in forever years to come.

And look, my favorite pair of jeans is skinny like Nicole Richie.

I am slowing beginning to learn to never say never. Things change faster than a Sichuan bian lian master these days. People you hate with a passion turn out to be your new besties and your favorite song suddenly becomes a sound like nails on chalkboard.

I may very well change my name to Celerie next week because i suddenly decide to drop cheese and adopt celery as my latest obsession. And then start to have a shrine of vegetation and worship Waldorf Salad religiously. Come to think about it i don’t even like cheese as much as i did 5 years ago. Yea, shocking news of the century. It started when… god i can’t even remember when or how and who gave me that name. Bestie, care to help?

Speaking of bestie, Ching was my ex-bestie. “was my ex-bestie” is grammatically correct, because she no longer is. She is now my rebound bestie before we reconcile, get drunk, tongue each other and become bestesties again. I used to tell myself, god, how much i adored this person who can finish my sentence without me even have to look her in the eyes. And that we will never ditch each other under any cheesumstances.

But i did. We did. Over really stupid issues neither of us are proud of. And once i even swore that if the opportunity occurs i would push her into an oven and bake her into a Mozzie pizza.

And look, over the weekend i text her because i miss her silly antics very much.

Never say never. And i don’t need you to say that you will love me forever. Just tell me, “right now, i know that i love you very much”.


P/S: Ching, let’s get Absinthe-minded. I’ll arrange the get-drunk-reconcile-party. Call me!