Update: OMGOMGOMG CHRISTIAN BALE ARRESTED for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister!!! Who still think he is hot? I think Batman’s gone a little too siao and violent. Let’s vote for Hugh Jackman. Muahahha.

Mrs MayZhee Bale, How you plan to bale him out eh, got a good lawyer yet?


by nature.

And especially during PMS days. Period.

Oh. Pun optional.


You want cat-fight? I give you cat-fight. Nah.

I had a fight with May Zhee last night over two guys.


And i went on like this for half an hour, before i had to answer a call (no the caller wasn’t nature).

Cheesie: brb
Cheesie:come back fight with u again
Cheesie:ok back
Cheesie:hugh jackman.
Mayzhee: christian bale.
Mayzhee: HAH take that.
Cheesie: hugh jackman.
Cheesie: GET OVER IT.
Mayzhee:pls la batman would totally win wolverine in a fight
Cheesie:batman would so beg wolverine to shag him
Mayzhee:christian bale is billionaire
Cheesie: in scoop hugh jackman is an aristocrat
Mayzhee:christian bale can abscond entire russian ballet
Cheesie:hugh jackman took down the whole bank
Mayzhee:christian bale got bat mobile
Cheesie: *ponders what to type*
Mayzhee:NAH NAH you run out of points
Cheesie:hugh jackman can regenerate
Mayzhee:christian bale is rich!!!
Cheesie:hugh jackman is rich in real life also wtf.
Mayzhee: no no cannot we talking movie only
Cheesie:ooh. ok
Cheesie:hugh jackman got this indestructible metal alloy adamantium to his skeletal system.
Mayzhee:omgosh you go and google is it. cheating
Cheesie:wolverine is a wolf.
Cheesie:batman is a?
Cheesie:do you wanna *censored* a BAT?!?
Mayzhee:stop talking about bats and wolves la. we’re talking about CHRISTIAN BALE
Cheesie:running out of supporting point ah
Mayzhee:er me too -_-
Cheesie:ok ok lets kiss and make up
Mayzhee:but christian bale is still hotter right
Cheesie:no la
Cheesie:i think hugh jackman hotter
Mayzhee:ok ok i was just kidding. i think hugh jackman is the hottest and christian bale sucks and is ugly. and old.


No la. May Zhee did not say the last line. The chat is heavily edited ala MDG style. HAHAHA. Cut paste cut paste. Oh i wanna make May Zhee sound dumb. I like ah. Blow ah. ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh oh and i gave May zhee turquoise!!! The color that will look absolutely horrible on her. Now i know how fun it is to be a producer. HAHAHAHA!

At one point the argument went so out of the point it became totally obscene. Cannot post here.


Oh yea about my MSN nick. Ok. I’m as broke as backmountain now. Need some urgent fund to buy furniture. So far only 3 items got ticked off that Home Cheese Home Wish List.

I’m selling Cheddie’s Juicy Couture puppy carrier. Used only twice, less than 2 hours. As good as brand new. Interested pleasecheeseme@gmail.com


P/S: Eh i took down the poll. It wasn’t working properly. Please comment to vote instead.

P/S2: Ok the poll is working again. Actually you just have to click on their faces!

Poll: Who do you think is hotter?

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Now let’s vote. Please don’t disappoint me hor!

Hugh Jackman is like, so totally hotter. Like, seriously. I mean, really. Right? Right right right?