I kept a diary during MDG. There was no internet, hence this was the most rudimentary way of keeping track of the happenings. This is going to be the real actual diary of a 54-day sojourn of a supposedly undeserving contestant at this little mansion located in Bukit Seputeh called The Dream Home.

Below is what duplicated verbatim (except correction of grammar and necessary elaboration of certain incidents) from the little note i kept so privately inside my luggage.

Even Cheddie finds it an engaging read.

It’s all dog-eared now. Oh, no pun intended.

It reflects the true feelings i experienced at that certain point. But my viewpoint regarding every matter has also changed over time. All afterthoughts/explanations are highlighted in pink.

Everything began on the 3rd of March, 2008.




03/03/08 Mon 10:00PM

This is my first day in Malaysian Dreamgirl. All i had for breakfast today was a hash brown. And pizzas for dinner at 8pm. Didn’t quite gel well with the girls cuz they’ve formed their own cliques over the weekend in Penang (i wasn’t there because i was told to join them only on Monday. The supposed wild card. HAHA such a joker i was).

We went to Red Fm to do our recording. First day already so much to do. We were sitting at the lounge. I felt particularly uneasy because no one was talking to me. And i mean no one, actually, bothered, to attempt, to initiate, even a decent small talk with me. So i sat there quietly. Fine la. I’m always as taciturn as a wooden chair anyway. Then all hell broke loose when Alison asked me this question.

“So Ringo. Tell us who exactly is the one you were talking about in your blog?”

The sudden interrogation made me too nonplussed to reply anything. After a few seconds i said,

“Well, i don’t think i want to reveal any name.”

Then silence.






The ambiance was sullen and horrifying as if i was venturing into a volcano knowing that it’s gonna erupt soon. (Ever watched Journey to the Center of The Earth? Such a ridiculous show).


Suddenly Valerie spoke.

“Honestly, Ringo, i was very pissed when i read that.”
“Excuse me?”

For a brief moment i was wondering if she was kidding. Then when i realized she was not, i wonder for another brief moment if i should feel offended by that statement.

“Yes. I was really, REALLY pissed. Sorry i’m a very honest person. No offense but i was really pissed at what you wrote. I mean, you shouldn’t question the judges like that. They know what they are doing. And for your information, we don’t need just all Chinese for this competition you know?.”

She repeated the word “pissed” three times. I was so shocked i forgot if i actually replied to her.

(I guess she was very offended that in my controversial post i commented that a few girls would have been a better choice then some of the contestants here. And they are ALL Chinese. Come to think of it, my post isn’t anywhere near controversial to begin with. But never mind. So she thinks i’m racist or something. And oh, why was i so taken aback by her remark? See, before that i thought she was all nice and darn friendly to me ESPECIALLY AFTER SHE LEFT THIS COMMENT on my blog:

You lazy to click? I paste here.

# Vale says:
February 23rd, 2008 at 9:20 pm

ringoooooooo!!!!!!!! eyyyyy you still so pretttty bah. dont forget kay. honored to have had you be the last two with me. hoho u so smart..keep them at the edge of their seats!

and if u cum to sabah i will bring you to the island!!

huhu yvonne didnt get in. kesian bah she. tepelanting me. was so shocked!

u take care! muax!!

Which part of it sounds like she’s offended? You tell me.

Now you tell me who’s a hypocrite BAH?)


So we came back to the house after that, for the first time.

Oh my god it’s a handphone!

My luggage was the last to arrive. After filming (endless compulsory excited wows, hysterical screams [girls, be more excited! don’t just stand there!] it’s really tiring trust me) with Sazzy we got upstairs to settle the room arrangement ourselves. (Gosh, the horror! And i thought i’m rooming with one other girl. But it turned out that there are only two rooms. So 7 will have to go to one, and 5 the other. It felt like a freaking dorm.) It amazes me how prompt the girls could be (or maybe it’s me who is very retarded). Before i knew it all the nice beds were occupied. I put my luggage on the bed facing the window. Then Girl A came over and said, “excuse me but this is my bed”. Okay. Whatever. I’m starting to get very bad vibes from this girl already.

Funnily enough, all the Chinese (and half Chinese, except Fiqa) squeezed into one room and i had to take the other one. The whole race thing is really getting a bit hard to tackle seriously. I got close (when i meant close i meant we actually exchange conversations politely) to Jay and Alison because we so happen sit in the same car. The Chinese are with the Chinese. The Malays with the Malays. Indian and Indian. Me with… well, me. I guess i’m a different race altogether.

God i’m already feeling very miserable. And this is only the first day. I’m now sitting on my bed (which is super bad fengshui cuz it’s facing the door) writing this while the rest of the girls are downstairs chatting. It’s raining outside and i’m gonna continue reading ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’ about a boy with autism and feeling strangely empathetic.





God i can’t believe there’s so much to say on just the first day. To be continued. Stay cheesed for next episode.