Update: Happy 08/08/08. Most auspicious day in history :).


But omg can you believe it???


I cannot lo, seriously. I know Wall-E was like No.8 for a week or so, but but but… And i also know Christopher Nolan is the bestestest director in the world… I think Tim Burton comes second. Just watched Nightmare before Christmas and Edward Scissors Hand. Omg Johnny Depp is soooooooooooo adorable okay why am i drifting so far away from what i wanted to say.

Come back! What was i saying. Oh ya! The Dark Knight!! What happened to The God Father?!? Died already is it!! Okay that doesn’t make any sense.

Anyway! I was chatting with Badman on MSN.

Cheesie: dark knight is no.1 on imdb wtf
Badman: still… beats mummy. hehe
Cheesie: brb i need to go withdraw cash
Badman: did you notice the pun?
Cheesie: where
Badman: dark knight beats mummy.




P/S: HAHAHA Ky just told me “Dark Knight made God Father an offer he can’t refuse”. HAHHAHAH!