(of cheese)

Second shoot with Joe.


It was late in the afternoon and sun was about to set. Found this place with big blocks of boulder. Joe didn’t even set up the lighting, but color turned out super awesome it’s almost comical.


Sorry i can’t help the text.


Haha i was thinking of a caption to this pic and someone suggested “you hold the key to my heart”. Wtf. Watched too much Korean drama.


In this picture, my hair wasn’t that neat. I volumed it up digitally. The patching is not perfect but the tresses looks a lot more gorgeous. Can you spot the jointing?


The nail color was coincidental. Didn’t plan that.

KY said like because the dress is huait in color it makes me look like wounded swan. And the first pic is like i just suffered some tragic angelic death.

There’s a second set with the same dress. It’s indoor and it’s more of a dreamy, surreal kinda theme (wasn’t planned as well, it just came out like that). Post soon.

Stay cheesed.