empat tahun. si nian, yon nen, sei nin.


Today, Cheeserland is 4 years old. I have been writing this lousy blog for four years. And i am sick. Having an olfactory marathon. My nose can’t stop running, and i’m so blessed because i’m sneezing non-stop as well.

Must be the pool. Skinny dipping into a cold pool. I mean, dipping my skinny little feet. Into the pool.


Ok that’s kinda irrelevant. Nemai. Anyway.

When i first started Cheeserland@Livejournal i had about 4 readers. 4 years later my traffic is thousandfold of what it used to be.

And sometimes when i read back my old entries i feel really paiseh because it’s just sooooooo bad. :/

Now i’m reaaaaally curious hor, about how many really long-time readers (i wanted to say old reader but sounds wrong) i have (those who followed me since blogspot time).

Why don’t you tell me since when did you start visiting Cheeserland? 🙂