In an earthquake (i think) two hours ago.

In my apartment. I heard some crackling noise, and felt something wasn’t right. So stood up from sofa, pulled open the curtains, and some dust fell down. I didn’t pay notice to that, because, far a way, a building was collapsing.


I saw the building collapse.


Like, earthquake kind of collapse. Bricks and walls tumbling down kind. i was so appalled by the scene i couldn’t speak. A few seconds later, the apartment tower in front of me collapsed too.

It was then i realized my apartment could very well be the next disaster. You have no idea how terrified i was. I thought for a second how it would feel like to be dead. Mom was next to me, and i was about to cry. I asked her what we should do. She said we could die and suddenly i wasn’t so afraid anymore. It dawned on me that everyone has to face death some time. Maybe today i will die. So be it.

We hurried down the lobby, and just like in an aircraft (during emergency), the beautiful receptionist in red directed us to the exit. I was very worried for her. She was still smiling and all and i really applaud her bravery. She really put her clients’ lives before hers!

So we walked out. Everyone was in fear. Suddenly mom disappeared and i was following a bunch of strangers. For all we know one colossal piece of concrete might fall down any second, and we would all turn into juicy human patty before we even realize. We were pondering where to hide. But this is not war, hiding in a building won’t be safe anymore. In fact that’s exactly what we should avoid. In front of us was Sg Wang (or what looked like the Sg Wang building) (no, on second thought, it didn’t look like Sg Wang at all. Just some mall) and some idiot suggested that would be a safe building to hide in cuz it’s old and stable (wtf?)

We tried to walk further away from the city (and we did). Then i received an sms from Mark making a joke asking us to stay inside Marc Serviced Residence. Cuz it’s like a billion dollar project it won’t succumb to natural disaster just like that (or will it?). And so happened we were near that area (so coincidental). We arrived there, and stayed outside the coffee shop. It was full of people (unfriendly people) (and it gave me a feeling it was some cheap china hotel i have been to). Somehow i managed to go up to one of the rooms, and the safety feature was quite impressive. There was some mechanism to the lights, when i switched them on it doesn’t cause a collapse (wtf?)

It was getting dark. Around the building was wilderness (wtf? Around a billion dollar project?) and some old rut (WTF?!??) so i was thinking if it’s better to hide out there. No building ma. Won’t get crushed by fallen objects and die. But the problem was it was night time and it was kinda of scary to stay outside. What if there were some beasts around?

I didn’t know what i should do. it was not safe to go back yet.

Then i suddenly remembered something. That i have read a prophecy somewhere, that there will be a tragic earthquake on Sept 1st in Kuala Lumpur (choi).

And today is September 1st. (Well not really but oh you know what i mean!)

Then my phone rang.


And I woke up. And i thanked Cheesus Crust.



Oh my god. I swear it felt so real i almost choke on the dust and bit it (bite the dust, geddit geddit?!?)

I think i’ve been thinking too much. And maybe i’m not used to staying in high-rise. (It’s a sign! Somebody should buy me a bungalow with a fountain and 10 Malteses running around!) And where did the Marc thing come from?! *shakes head* And i think i should blame the construction site next to my place. I wake up to KONG KONG KONG and PANG PANG PANG and all the BilingBalang everyday so depressing. 🙁



By the way i’m super addicted to Kongregate! I have been playing it throughout the long holiday, and managed to con a few people into wasting their productive time by staring into the LCD and clicking their mouse frantically. And i think i want to con a few more people.

May i recommend you, the Desktop Tower Defense. Play HERE.

Basically you have to build a defense system across your desktop (i know, wtf right. So the enemies are prolly some germ and kuman of the like)

I may not be an expert (even though after playing for what, 10 hours or so), but if you wanna play it this is the tip: you will have to build a maze to stall the creeps, the longer the better. Don’t waste money on the useless stuff. Basic pellets and Squirt towers will do, but remember to upgrade. If you have the extra moolah, throw in a Bash Tower, that’s the bomb man (yay got pun).

This one i started experimenting with the maze.

Something liddis la. I’m sure you can build a better one!

This is from the fun mode. With 10k gold you can buy all the canggih manggih shit.


Other games i heart are Music Catch, (my highest score is 2764393 and the music damn freaking nice) and Battle Fish (Damn kancheong one, and super sakit hati when your fishes die).

Just remember one thing. Please resign before you play.


Ok i shall stop blogging here. I have used up the WTF quota of the day. It has really been a wtf morning. Wtf.