Omg i can’t even remember the last time i categorized a post under “Bon Cheesepetit”. Wait.

Ok back.

Ok la not too long ago. It was DucKing in July. But that wasn’t even a proper review. No wonder my blog looks anorexic.

Anyway thank you I-mae for the invitation to dine in Amuleto! Yes i’m so totally trying to prove a point ala DawnYang.

I’m going to eat tomoWoW! No actually, in a few minutes! Yes! ^^

Beef roll with caviar, RM10.


Guess what these are?!

Ching and i thought “Wtf, why now only serve juices one?!?” Summore got mango, kiwi, milo… or is it coffee.

And the juices felt… warm.

Ok they weren’t juices. They were *gasp* soup! They call it the soupy shots. Mushroom, Onion, Pumpkin and Broccoli. Ching and i loved broccoli soup. I mean shot. But cannot tahan pumpkin. Way too sweet. We don’t understand why the two guys opposite us downed it like vodka.

RM12 for the soup quartet.

Some fried leaves!

Ok it’s called greens tempura with shredded dried scallop. Can you guess what leaves it is?

Answer: Kangkung.

You would never guess it!!! So Japanese right? Tasted great except that it’s too oily. RM 18


Cheesy fries! RM8

I really hate fries. And also because i had very traumatic experience back in college, it was described by Ching as “we were shooing flies more than chewing fries”. But this one got me hooked. Maybe it’s the great company. Eating fries alone is no fun.


Okay here comes my favorite.

It’s sizzling cheesy glutinous rice cake with seaweed and Bonito flakes. Oooooooomg so cheesy can die.

Very original recipe also! RM20


Rosti with mushroom sauce and sour cream. Only RM12. Super awesome! (Though Ching and i would preferred a different topping)


(Sorry i got the hang of shoving my face into every food picture)

Amuleto fried seafood spaghetti. It’s like a fried Yee Mee style pasta. RM15



And can you believe this?


Wasabi Steak. RM36

Omg i must digress. Anyone plays Nintendo’s Tamagotchi Connexion?!? You know there’s this sushi shop right, the Gotchi has to make sushi for the customers. And when she picks up wasabi the way it says “wa~~~~~sabi” is, i swear to god the cutest thing in the world (sorry Cheddie).

Ok i know you dunno what i’m talking about nevermai ok Wasabi steak. It’s very yummy. Typing this now makes me drool.




Nothing beats the dessert.

Chocolate Fondue. RM30 for 2 pax

I love Kiwi and Yam ice cream in dark chocolate.


Quote Ching:

Chocolates should be a religion. Or at least an ajaran sesat or something. There’s already a cult for cheese, why not for chocolate?

Super best!


This restaurant also got Foie Gras ok omg. But i can’t comment because i never try ma. Hor? Hmmmph. When’s next food tasting? *ahem* *ahem* *wink* *wink*


Ground Floor (Next to Chili’s)
Mid Valley Megamall

P/S: Check out their toilet also (if you can find it). Now excuse me but i think i just ate more than 100 calories i so totally need to purge ok bye HAHAHA I’M KIDDING!



P/S2: Oh i almost forgot. Merry Christmas!