I bought a big-ass fridge (finally).

Just to make my point.

And a multi cooker. And started a little bit of cooking.

It’s actually quite fun! I wake up about 10 every morning. Too late to eat breakfast, too early to do lunch. So sometimes i cook. But grocery damn expensive. Average i think i spend more than RM100 a week just to store my fridge up.

Grocery shopping with Cindy and (curi curily) Cheddie.

I can spend hours and hours just walking down supermarket aisle. It’s such an enjoyment. ๐Ÿ™‚

One time i bought gigantic scallops. KY so nice he cooked me Aglio Olio Scallop Capellini.

Huge leh.

Stir fry with dried chili and garlic.

Super yummy.

When i cook myself it’s just something very simple and easy to clean. I hate doing dishes.

This is fried egg, tofu and sausage sprinkled with some Japanese seasoning.

This is canned pasta from Heinz. Topped with cheddar slice. But… yucks.

This is for *ahem* my mom to see. I got eat veggie one ok. Meehoon with prawn in anchovy soup and brocolli.

Salted steamed chicken (i then grill it lightly) with bayam and seaweed rice, Korean style.

Fish finger salad in french dressing. Yum!

And when i’m feeling really lazy, i will just have some health drink with crackers or toast. Makes super good snack! I bought a juicer too, but is it me or are imported fruits nowadays really, really reaaaaaaally SUPER EXPENSIVE!!!

When i went shopping with KY i gasped at the price of one nectarine. It’s RM5. And one yellow kiwi is like RM3. I almost fainted. My mind was still stuck in the era where one apple is RM0.50. So mom cannot blame me for not eating more fruits.

So i alternate between real fruit juice and fruit drinks sometimes.


I’m loving the new Shine drinking yoghurt (yes it contains REAL fruit juice!! I hate anything artificially flavored).

It’s a newly improved version of the Dutch Lady 0% fat yoghurt, with a more attractive bottle design. I really love how it looks now (It looks like some atas imported yoghurt drink which costs a bomb, but it’s super reasonably priced!).

It contains 0% fat thus i can afford to spread extra butter on my toast it saves you tons of unnecessary calories!

Actually i prefer full cream milk anytime because it does make such a big difference in taste (just try adding skimmed milk and full cream milk respectively to your Starbucks latte and you will know). However, i like how even Shine is fat-free, but the smooth milky texture still maintains.


Oh and i just found out that Shine has the lowest calories among all other yoghurt drink? One small bottle (220g) has got only 86kcal! ๐Ÿ˜€

Best paired with cream crackers.

This newly improved version also comes with green tea extract.

Talking about green tea, i love green tea! I don’t understand how people can drink coke with their meals (or worse, DURING their meal but that’s another topic altogether and i’ll leave it for another time!) But there’s nothing more refreshing than a glass of iced green tea after a hearty meal don’t you think. In fact nowadays everything also contains green tea goodness. You know, my dish washing liquid is green tea flavored, my tooth paste also green tea flavored, even my wardrobe fragrance also green tea scented! It makes my whole house so zen like and.. and… green and gosh i’m feeling so healthy already like there’s this antioxidant ozone surrounding me…

Ok what was i talking about already…

Oh yea. Shine! Shine has got green tea extract, which helps you to stay in shape by maintaining your metabolism rate. It also contains less sugar compared to the old one. I’m happy all the products nowadays are getting healthier and healthier. ๐Ÿ™‚

It comes in several twin fruit flavour combination: Strawberry raspberry, Peach passion, Lemon Lime, Orange Mango and Apple Aloe Vera. I have tried the first two. And peach passion is really nice!

And check out shine’s website. It’s one of the coolest local commercial flash site i’ve seen (i wonder if it is Batu Caves in the background lol). And super love the upbeat music, it makes me feel happy ๐Ÿ™‚