Have you guys watch Whisper’s Come Clean Dramedy promo on 8tv?

Make sure you catch the actual episodes which will be airing from 13th Oct, every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for 3 weeks on 8TV, 10:30pm – 10:32pm.

I am a loyal user of Whisper and speaking of periods and coming clean, i have a little story to share.

You know 10 years ago it was kind of a taboo to talk about periods and all (i know right!). And we were not used to joking about any period mishap ( “Oh i think that’s just coffee stain on her skirt la”).

But i had this little secret.

I was kinda excited and was looking forward to my first period. Mom had told me essential knowledge about period (that it doesn’t hurt to bleed, lol), and i couldn’t wait for the day i become a grown up girl. 🙂

But somehow, during my Form 2 i found out that every other female classmate had gotten her period already. Some as early as the age of nine. So i started panicking, thinking that there was something wrong with me. You know that feeling–when every girl talks about her own experience and you won’t be able to relate or contribute anything. It sucked.

Until i found out that this other girl called Seow Yoong, who was the only girl whose period hadn’t arrived yet. We became instant best friends because of this little secret. So we promised each other we will be the first one to tell each other the day we had our first period. And we always secretly prayed that we would have our first periods together so that the other did not have to feel alone.

Then. Time went by.

On a fine day in August, my period came. At first i totally freaked out because i thought it was skid mark in my panties! HOW EMBARRASSING! I was wondering how on earth did it happen and it hit me. It was my period.

I was nervous, yet was secretly at glee. I am, after all, not abnormal. 🙂

But then i never told Seow Yoong about it. I kept it my secret. I was afraid that she would be angry at me (come to think of it now it’s really silly. Why would my friend get angry at me finally having my first period?). Or that we would be less closely bond because now the confidential similarity we shared on common had come to an end.

Nobody knew about it until the final semester was about over. I carried this guilt with me and i thought it was about time i come clean to my good friend.

“Seow Yoong, i have something to confess to you.”
“Yes what is it?”

It was hard.


It was really hard.

“Actually i had my first period few months ago. But i didn’t tell you.”

There. I said it. Then i saw her expression changed into something i have never seen before. I was terrified. Oh no. My girl friend is going to slap me on the face and storm out the classroom.

But wait a minute. Is that a… coy expression that she was having?

“Actually. That’s what i wanted to tell you too. Me too had my period already.”




So i wasn’t the only one who kept a secret from my friend. I wasn’t angry. I was just glad that the mystery is finally solved and both of us are just as normal as any other girl.

And it turned out that we had our first period in the same month.

But the sad thing is i’ve lost contact with Seow Yoong since graduation, and i couldn’t find her on Facebook. I hope somebody read this and tell her about it! This funny little story 10 years ago. 🙂

So there. My come clean story.

If you have one, keep it first. Because, chances are you might get rewarded for sharing it with us later. Keep you all updated!