(that’s our new favorite way of saying WTF.)

The weather is so siao.

Seriously. The first day i was here, i wore boots. And i looked like a freak because everybody else was wearing shorts and sandals. It had been crazy warm and i kept asking Oli where has autumn gone.

The fluffy clothes i brought here are a complete waste of luggage space. Then today, i finally decided to wear like i’m going to Bali. Tank top and jeans and bikini on the inside and tons of sunblock lotion. And i looked like a freak.

Because it is bloody cold.

Arggggh. But this, is what i call autumn. This is more like it!!

I took tons of awesome photos!!! Later we’re going Cheap Road shopping. For now i’ll just post some random photos of my awesome friends in Shanghai.

His name is Headwin. I think he’s such a deep inspiration. Especially when October is coming to an end and there’s a party awaiting.

This is Niu Nai. Oli’s soul mate. He has a bow on his head but he is a he. Oli accused me of being discriminative when asked if Niu Nai is a cross dresser.

This is Cookie. We adopted him two days ago from Hang Zhou. Don’t even ask me how he got his name. Basically i wanted to name him Cuggi (that’s what we saw on a belt. It’s supposed to be a really, reeeeally bad typo of Gucci. I think.) But Cuggi sounds like Cookie. And Cookie goes well with Niu Nai. And basically he is of Oreo color. Yum.

This is Oytun the mysterious Turkish delight and Ibby.

And this is whom i’m having olidays with. Who never, ever, gets his head into a picture taken by me. Ever.

And who weighs 2.5 times heavier than me and is about 40cm taller than me, but eats an amount of food that’s equivalent to a hamster’s tea break. What turf.

The first time i met him it was kinda weird. I didn’t do the kiss air thing because it means i would be kissing his armpits. What turf.

Oli is weird.

Oli: Do you know how to play the game?
cheesie: What game.
Oli: You know… the square ball thingie with symbols on it.
cheesie: Dice?
Oli: No, not dice. It’s like Dominos. Like, Chinese Dominos.
Oli: It’s really famous in China.
cheesie: Really?
Oli: Yea. Wait. i think i know what it’s called. Wait wait wait.
cheesie: Ok.
Oli: Oh. Mahjong.

What turf.

And we were having this minced pork and braised egg on rice thing. He said the first time he ate that, he was truly disturbed.


“What turf?!? How do they expect me to eat an egg with the eggshell on?! Knock it against the bowl?!”