There’s only ONE (1, satu, ichi, yat) kind of exercise i will do. And i call it UCE (Ultimate Cheesie Exercise).

Why is that so? It’s because not only can it help you shape your body up swell… Wait that came out wrong. I don’t mean swell like, swell, but you know, swell. It’s also very sexy, fun, versatile and the best thing is, you can do another 100 other things while doing UCE. Like, reading, watching TV, surfing internet, camwhoring, painting your nails. No la i’m just kidding.

Actually, i am not.


UCE is so cool i decided to use it to join the 100PLUS Me Against the World Challenge.

I have uploaded a video to to join the Online Challenge! This is what you can to do if you think you are up to challenging yourself and strutting your stuff by joining the online contest to show the world you can outdo yourself.

Online Challenge (15 October 2008 – 15 February 2009)
1) Upload a video of yourself doing something challenging, within these 4 categories:
a. Sports (e.g. football freestyle, cool basketball tricks etc.)
b. Dance / Music (e.g. breakdance, drum solo etc.)
c. Extreme Sports (e.g. skateboarding, surfing etc.)
d. Lifestyle (e.g. skipping rope tricks, cheerleading, handstands etc.)

In this case i chose lifestyle.

Hula Hoop Challenge!!



After you have uploaded your video, you can get your friends to vote for you to win great monthly prizes. The top 12 ranked videos will win things like Nike Vouchers, Sony products and Top Shop vouchers.

At the end of the 4th month, the top 12 ranked videos over the campaign period (3 per category) will be selected to perform LIVE!

And all the 12 selected lucky peeps get to win really great prizes!!! You know what you will get? Check this out.

• 1st Prize Winner – Prizes from Sony, Nike, Topshop and 100PLUS worth RM 8,000
• 2nd Prize Winner – Prizes from Sony, Nike, Topshop and 100PLUS worth RM 3,000
• 3rd Prize Winner – Prizes from Sony, Nike and 100PLUS worth RM 1,000
• 9 Consolation Winners – Products from 100PLUS worth RM 85


Watch my video! It’s called the “100+ things you can do while Hula Hooping“.

Vote for me here: 😀


I’m still not satisfied with the challenge. I think i’ll practice more tricks like juggling (properly), some cool twirling, doing my make up, writing a blog post, sleeping… NO LA!! There’re soooo many things you can do! Life has no limits! 😀

Register here.


ps- There’s an uncut version of my vid which i think is better but cannot submit cause there’s a limit of 1 minute for this challenge video, so do take notice! Leave a link k, can’t wait to see yours 😀