Remember the Come Clean secret?

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I don’t know about you but i adore Whisper (honest)! I had my first period when i was 14 (late boomer i am), and i can safely say i have been using it for 10 bloody years (pun optional) already! I had tried other brands once in awhile but in the end i still stick to Whisper.

This is how the new packaging looks.

Aiyak. Kena blocked.

Nah. 🙂

I still remember when i was in school, period has always been a disaster. It all seem so ridiculous now but back then, bringing sanitary pads to school was really a nightmarish thought. There was always this constant fear about a mischievous boy prying into your school bag, yank a sanitary pad out and laugh their silly heads off with their friends, and the embarrassment during a spot check.

And then there was the fear of leaking (God it makes me cringe to type the word). I still remember i used to carry sweaters around just so i could use it on a rainy bloody day. You know, stains on blue pinafore is damn bloody obvious. And then! Ok this is probably not a dinner topic but… when i first had my period mom gave me some of her sanitary pads which had this cottony surface. And my period was disaster. But if there was any solid… thingie during period it will float on top. Not very slightly, and it made me feel damn geli.

But then since i started using Whisper, i have greatly reduced the bloody accident rate. Great absorbency that keeps you feeling clean all the time, and it makes you feel as clean as you would after a lovely bath. Now go try out yourself how good it is!

My favorite is Whisper Ultra Thin with wings. I like how the stretchable wings provide protection at the side and stays excellent in place. Another thing i love about it is the honey-comb like netting surface that allows fluid to be absorbed fast without resurfacing. So no more geli moments. 😛

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Have a happy period!