As soon as i touched down, i thought i was gonna pass out.

But when i was still in Shanghai, i was healthy like a fresh daisy (those are Oli’s words). Isn’t human body amazing. It knows how to hold you up just so you could have fun till the very last minute. Same like a really really urgent tummy ache isn’t it.

Thank you Body. 😀
But now i’m down with an atrocious flu.


My sofa now looks like an orgy has just happened.


Me: Oli i’m sick
Oli: Awww
Me: 🙁
Oli: Take a Shanghai pill!
Me: Omg i totally forgot about it!
Oli: 😀


Oh yes. The Shanghai Pill.

Prescribed by the prophetic Dr. Valcro G. Oli just before i headed to the airport. To be consumed with liquid shown behind the bottle. (Errr, not sure if that’s the best med though.)


7 capsules in total. One a day, no more.





Awww! My favorite pass time and travel entourage.


Feeling better olidy!