Now that i have shared my secret with you, and you’ve watched the Dramedy promo (the actual episodes starts tonight! Remember to catch it 10:30pm on 8tv.) , here’s your chance to whisper yours to your close friends, and what’s best, share your Come Clean story and get rewarded for it too!

In case you haven’t seen it, these are some of the screenshots.




Girl likes boy. Boy likes girl. Best friends, girly talks, misunderstanding! It looks kinda exciting and full of drama!

Whisper is having this “Come Clean” Contest. All you need to do is register on Flyfm, then share a touching, inspirational or funny story about you and your friend that you have never revealed before.

If you story is one of the best stories chosen, you will be invited to air your secret live on the radio. and your stories will be uploaded on flyfm from 3rd -16th November 2008 for public to vote. The story with most votes wins And the most voted email gets the grand prize of


An all-expense paid holiday for 2 at a 5-Star Spa Resort in Bali!


1) You can send in your entries by 13th to 31st October.
2) Voting period (no, it’s not a pun!) will start from 3-16th Nov so get all your besties to support you already! (What’s more, Fly FM will also randomly reward 200 listeners who vote online with shopping vouchers worth RM50 each.)
3) And just stay tuned for the result on 17th Nov.


Faster register now already, because the first 50 entries submitted will get Whisper hamper worth RM100. With that you probably don’t have to worry about your period for half a year! 🙂

Just so you are not convinced yet, this is my Bali holiday.



Yours is probably gonna be better than that. Tempted yet? 🙂

Register here.

This contest is brought to you by:

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Check the flyer out for more info!