are the only person i know who refuses to understand the definition of privacy.


And again and again and again you betrayed my trust. How dare you.

How dare you.

Does “it will never happen again, i promise” mean anything to you? Anything at all?

I disgust myself to think that i actually believed you and defended you during those hard time. But it is so right, you and your pathetic attention seeking. Please stop forwarding my chat logs to any of your friends. And please stop doing this to any other of your friends. I PITY those who call themselves your friends. What kind of friend are you. Please stop saying untrue things about me to your friends/people you barely know and actually make yourself sound like the victim just so you can fish that little sympathy.

Such a freaking liar.

There. How does it feel now.


What you did, is unforgivable. I have never felt so humiliated. Just because you can’t grasp the very elemental idea of keeping certain things to yourself. And leaving certain things alone to others.

It’s called privacy, my dear. Simple as that. What is so hard to understand? Why is it so hard to keep your stupid mouth shut? Why is it so hard to admit? Why must pry? Why lie? Why?

I’m utterly shaken up.

Like i said, i wont be replying you anything any further that could be digitally stored. Who knows it will be one of the Joke Of The Day office email circulations. Now you can go apologize to a pile of maggot infested buffalo dung. Not accepted.


To the girl i deleted from Facebook–I’m sorry but i wish we wouldn’t meet again in the future. Because I feel eternally humiliated.


Well done, you.