was the time i woke up today.

And now it is 8.59PM. And i am stuck at home listening to Sugarless Girl feeling fidgety. I wanted to watch a dvd but i didn’t want to. I wanted to continue reading American Gods but i didn’t want to. I should feel hungry but i am not. I wanted to talk to someone but no one is around. Some are around but they seemed quite disinterested in engaging a rather bland conversation with me. (Seriously, what else can i say? “Wow so you are lifelessly at home too?”)

It’s like suddenly i don’t know what to do, and i guess that’s why i’m feeling a little sleepy now. Ok. You know what? I’m gonna take a nice shower. And after shower i’m gonna turn in. At 9pm.

And then i panicked a bit because it really looks like i’m all alone. Because no one is around. Where are you?