Or RM5? I can’t really remember. Zhong zi is very the cheap!

cuthair2 by you.

Of course hair extension won’t look awesome without a hair cut. Even though it’s an RM5 one.

cuthair1 by you.

Very good service. But they are a little pestery about the membercard thing. Apparently if you sign up you get like a 50% discount. So one hair wash + cut + blow + massage is like what, RM20?!?!

Siao one.

And of course when you have super gorgeous hair, you go to photobooths at arcade! 😀

I <3 arcade.

ufocatcher2 by you.

They have a lot of those UFO Catcher thingie. But seriously, who turf wants to catch Doritos?!??!

ufocatcher by you.

Well. Apparently, idiots.

doritoUFO by you.

And photobooth!

sticker by you.

And while you have like 500 seconds left after you are done with the touching up/beautifying, what do you do?!

Why of course, take MORE photos!!! Don’t waste ma.

My hair was super silky straight very the gorgeous totally cannot tell i just did hair extension. China products are awesome 😀

sticker2 by you.


PS: But for the last time no Oli and I are not dating thanks and i’m very worried now because i have got some complications with my Japan visa i tell you it is the freaking futon jinx i shouldn’t have been so overly excited about it i wanna kill a cockroach with a fork and force feed it to an ant now and there’s no way i am gonna spend Christmas in Malaysia. NO turfing WAY.